Operation 1/ tour of duty time frame

So the time frame to earn everything in operation 1 tour of duty is very small. Even playing 24/7 it seems very hard to get to general. I heard some where it’s just a visual glitch and that It’s not actually that little time. Can someone confirm that please?

Its 3 months.

The 5 days remaining related to awards for leaderboard/ranking placements

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Oohhh okay. Thanks ghost :relieved: . You the man!:ok_hand:

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It’s unfortunate that ranking placements were straight ■■■ up until today. You could win a match of escalation 7-1 and still go down 200 ELO? Lul

Yeah its frustrating.

I’m still seeing things about people winning matches and going down in rank. Doesn’t really make sense. I personally haven’t played ranked too much cause reasons. I made a post about it a couple days ago here’s the link Ranked punishes me