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Operation 1 Ranked Division Rewards

in the new whats up they announced division rewards will be given based upon the highest rank you have been, meaning if you were master but are now diamond you will still get a master skin. They said this will apply to the skins given at the end of operation 1. My question is: does this apply to the Lancer skin that was announced in the last whats up? They told us to grind our ranks and get the highest ranks we can, so i am confused. I guess the lancer skin IS the end of operation 1 reward skin they are mentioning in the newest whatup? just need some clarification, dont want to keep wasting my time getting into masters if i dont have to

I belieave i asked this same question the otherday i think its highest rank you achieve

you didnt understand my question. but yes, they did announce that it is based on the highest rank you have achieved. im asking if this applies to the Lancer skin that was announced last week.

I think he’s taking about before the rank reset he got masters when the rank system was all buggy if he’ll be awarded with the lancer because his highest rank was “masters”

My bad

“So, if you peaked at Diamond in week two but finished the season at Onyx then you will receive a Diamond weapon skins for every weapon that was awarded.”

If you have basic reading comprehension, you have your answer.

We’ve had two weapons awarded. Lancer and Breaker Mace. Whatever the highest rank you achieved (even if you didn’t keep it), you will get the skin for the highest rank for both.

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Last weeks whats up implies we have to get master again for the master skin. With the announcement of the Lancer they told us to grind our ranks to get the best skin we can. “Basic reading skills” and elementary logic would lead me to believe I have to get Master again. This week they change their tune. Just a weird, overcomplicated contradiction thats causing confusion for many. Clarification does not equal incomprehension. I guess with the announcement of the Lancer their targeted demographic was people who haven’t reached the max rank yet.

And this weeks doesn’t. Ignore last week. It’s possible they changed their mind, but I’ve seen others say they’ve been talking about going this route.

I mean, if you can read, it says EVERY WEAPON THAT WAS AWARDED. We’ve had TWO. Lancer and Breaker Mace.

Yes, TC isn’t the best at communication, but this weeks What’s Up is very clear. As I said, ignore last weeks.

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