Operation 1 end date?

Was looking through the Search, but only found older threads. Anyone no when it’s over? I’ve been procrastinating with the game, and missed out on a lot of the ToD’s :man_facepalming:.

Beginning of December, in less than two weeks. That’s when it ends.


It says right in tbe ToD. U loaded up ur webpage, loaded gears fprums. Made a thread to wait for a reply… but couldnt turn ur game on yo get an answer? Even checked through the forums but couldnt turn the game on…

Ya that makes perfrct sense to me… lol

It should be on 3rd of December.

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Obviously I was referring to the exact date. They don’t show that in the ToD, but thanks for the reply :+1:.


It’s always whenever your reset time is on the last week available to you.

Nice try lol. U can still figure out the date with common sense dude. The maths not hard xd