Open world gears game

Open world gears game?

In all seriousness, I think gears could totally go down the open series path if some more effort was put into it. I’m all for new ideas to the series to get some more people in the fandom and to give gears some more recognition.

I know many people didnt like 5s approach to it. I wasnt big on it either, I thought act II was cool (for nostalgia) and III was cool on my first run and then I hated it afterwards lmao. But I would be willing to give open world another chance if more was tacked onto it.

My idea is more for a spin off rather than the current era. I think the open world game should be set in the locust war due to the obvious being the locust coming back. The war lasted for 17 years, TC could pick any moment during those years and plop us in. Whether they manufacture us a new protagonist or protagonists (I’ll explain that right now) or we get to create our own “Noble 6” would be good either way.

Anyways, I think giving us the option to choose between 3 factions to start our game is good. And the experiences between the 3 would be different, allowing us to be apart of the UIR (former), the stranded, or the cog. Each faction could have something unique to offer to the table, through story anyways. Getting to see the war through the stranded lense would be nice, seeing how the UIR or whatevers left of it would be cool, and to be the cog just because who doesnt like the cog?
Realism or some aspects of it would be cool. Having to clean your gun before going out into a battle or to roam around the map regardless of faction, ensuring you have enough rounds, (this would be a big downside to being stranded but I think it would add a challenge), being cog could mean you can rise through the ranks and get more access to things, like better weapon requests from the gunsmith, vehicles, more gears to follow around with you, etc. It doesnt sound like gears, but the core of gears is its cover to cover and 3rd person shooter mechanic. That isnt leaving. But adding some layers on it and in a world like gears would be so new and could breathe some life into it.

Some places in Sera have rough terrain, snow, desert, forest, etc. Destroyed cities could have buildings falling down around you if you enough damage is done, going out into certain places could offer less resistance than others.

Being cog could be risky for stranded locations because they might shoot at you. Being cog in UIR occupied locations could mean reliving the pendulum wars and being UIR in cog could offer the same thing.

As for the story, I cant think of anything lol. That could be up to your imagination.

But regardless I want the cast to be mostly new people but some cameos could be nice. Depending on the time the game takes place in maybe you could assist Delta? Maybe even see Zeta team, Kilo, Alpha, for stranded you could come across Franklin and Griffin and do some jobs for them and maybe create your own little stranded posse, the UIR could be trying to build the country back up, or to attempt to get some order, assisting Paduk and some other UIR members from the comics and novels (I’m a bit unimaginative for the UIR but I’m sure some interesting things could be done for them.)

Maybe I’m thinking too big but I would like some sort of spin off open world gears game. It doesnt have to be on the scale that I mentioned but maybe something along those lines. I didnt really have a story planned but it’s all ideas :slight_smile:

Ty for my TedTalk.


Open world games tend to include plenty of repetitive, monotonous tasks over and over again to actually do real content.

Personally I prefer Campaigns like we had before Gears 5.


I didnt feel that way with gta 5 nor RDR2.

I would like open world as side missions or flashbacks

Didn’t like the current game’s open world because it was just riding on the skiff and the windflare that happens everywhere. Would have hoped we had to do something “environmental” or overcome a Blizzard/Sandstorm/ less HP, etc. Like the Judgement missions to go with the campaign

Or just an Aspho Fields, Helena and young Marcus w/Carlos

If TC is going to rehash 5s open world in 6, I dont want it. I want moarrr




Me after a week of @TC_Clown motivation.

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Well your post brought me vibes of games like Destiny, Outriders, WoW.

But yeah, GTA 5 is a good starting point.

Yeah I can see that now lol.

Personally I was just spouting out what I thought was good.

I’m not sure what I think about open world but the game could be about Bernie fighting her way back to the cog after emergence day.

I would welcome that.

Boomer Lady has enough story to make a game off of it.

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Rather see Bernie pre-meth abuse than her current self

So when she was skinning cats?

Dont be mad your lady died at 19 years old :rofl:


I would have stunnere’d RAAM!

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I’d like open-world for horde mode. Custom characters would be a huge +

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Havent played an open world game that kept my attention for long enough.