Open letter to TC, the rage quitting in this game along with some of the changes is making me question everything from gear UE onward

three games in a role, I lose GP because of rage quitters.
I join a match, a teammate quits, me and my team are done lancered down and tea bagged because TC doesn’t want to make a SBMM system that punishes quitters. A SBMM system that gimps progress, AN SBMM system that charges me and by extension everyone else rank point to load in a match.

YET there’s no real punishment for quitting. “well antman they get a timer” yeah I get that, you know what other people are going to do? play another game and wait out that timer.

And with active reloads only usable on pick up weapons, and well being out numbered means I’m most likely not going to get any power or heavy weapons. In fact as of making this post lost two more team mates, so 4 games in a role now.

The way the game is set up in ranked, Rage quitting is a problem.
So change the rank system to where the more I play the mode I get more gp (REMOVE THE LIMIT)
Make rage quitters sit in a harsher punishment that activity checks to see if they are on the game before letting the timer tick down.

and I can hear someone say “just play in a party”

  1. Most of the players I run into A) hardly use text chat only to talk ■■■■. B) Rarely IF not EVER use a mic.

  2. The people I do talk to, speak Spanish 90% of the time, and at one point I saw Russian but was WAY back at the start of gears 5.

  3. the people I met in gear of war 1, 2, 3 and Judgement all quit after playing 5, of my group I’m the last hold out… and I’m starting to see why I am the last ■■■■■■■ one.


They may not be quitting necessarily; currently some players get disconnected for no reason.

My friend has been disconnected 2x from a match over the past two weeks. I have been on teams where a squad’s member is playing then gets the boot between their next respawn.

I do agree though for the most part with your sentiment. TC should address quitting or ask for some community feedback next IMO and the penalty system needs to be remodeled.

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Thats sad man since they missed a beautiful Game and the oportunity to use the most awesome weapon in the world The Freedom Lancer

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Quitters will never change. I’d prefer they adjusted the GP system to award exceeding individual performance to soften the punishment. At least to cover the entry fee. Personally I seem to be in an endless cycle going back and forth from Gold 1 to 2 for the exact reason of either quitters or useless teammates.

As well as that. For KotH, award 75GP per round won. It’d be much fairer.


I agree with this as I was gold 3 almost onyx now back down to gold 2 cuz of quitters
If u win a round but lose the game u should still get something especially if u lost cuz of a teammate quitting

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It is rife in 4 still and 3 etc…as well but at least 4 is a lot more fun. Played 3 games in Gears 5 earlier, every game had at least 1 quitter, so I totally get you.

I was the third to leave on Checkout and got deducted 130 points (i’m in Gold) how the fook is that fair.

Jumped on Gears 4 for a couple of hours, a lot better :+1:

Then that tells me that TC hasn’t done anything to fix the disconnection problem, if you are being disconnected from something on your end, fine you’re going to come back and not leave me at a disadvantage, However when someone quits I check their profile and if I see offline or see something playing another game, yeah no I’m not buying “they prob just discontented from the game severs.” we are in OP4, that’s not a passable excuse anymore and if anything makes TC look worse


My friend never got an option to join back both times. Similar to all the other people who have posted on the forums about being removed due to TC’s side of the servers exclusively in OP4.

I hear you. In this rank system I’m stuck in Gold as well. I listed my gripes about the rank system in other threads and some possible fixes. To summarize the reason I’m seeing so many people unable to rank up, in my opinion, is that wins are less valuable and losses are more heavily penalized. A dominant win might net you only 50-60 GP whereas a bad loss or where a teammate quits you might lose 100 GP. In short the system is weighted so that wins mean less and you gain less GP than what should be appropriate.

Some fixes would be relatively easy. They can raise the caps , bring back the 2GP per elimination, and lower the GP cost. Perhaps reduce your GP loss if you have a quitter on your team.

Without the rank system being tweaked I don’t see myself putting in much more time to ranked KOH. Theres no incentive. I could win 7 out of ten matches and still not gain all that much GP at the end of the day.

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I agree with everything.

KotH’s Ranking System is really not designed for anyone playing Solo. I wouldn’t mind taking some sort of small punishment for losing, but too many a time have I won two matches and lost the third only to drop all the way back down to my status before the first match.

It’s very demotivating, especially when it’s not my fault 9.9 times out of 10.


absolutely. one bad loss and wipe out several wins . Last week I was Gold 2. Now I go back and forth between Silver 3 and Gold one. I can’t win enough matches to compensate for when I lose a match or several matches. I figure that to rank up up in Gold I need to win matches at least 3 to 1 ratio. Hard to do playing solo and with with quitting so common.

Precisely my situation. I win roughly 2 matches, then lose one. Maybe lose another. Win two, lose one. Pretty much wasting my time as when I go offline I’m either where I started or worse.

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My problem is the ranking system.

GP update #2 only promotes stacks to rank up.

The only diamonds or masters are people who hold each other’s hands & lancer.

I keep bobbing to d2 then pummel to o2. Within a couple games…

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Maybe play the game instead of making post during it

hey mr.flanks that would be a good point, if people didn’t quit 2 - 3 times before that and even more so after this post. Also what your saying doesn’t disprove what I and a hell lot of other people are saying about the state of this game’s ranked mode

I know just being a ■■■■

This is exactly the same thing that happens to me. I can’t get out of gold cos of quitters. Even if you get max points , when there is a quitter you are pretty much guaranteed to loose the round and then that’s minus 30 points at best. (Koth)

I don’t get why they can’t implement if you finish a match without a full team you don’t loose any points

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I feel ya. I’ve just accepted until some changes are made I won’t make it out of Gold tier. The GP cost is absurdly high in Gold so when I win a match , often the amount of points doesn’t end up being all that much. This morning I won 2 matches and gained a whopping 140 GP. Less than the cost of 1 Gold Tier match! And not even enough to come close to moving up to GOLD 2. It’s really screwed up how little points you get for a win. Wins are supposed to be the priority in this rank system, yet they don’t count for sh*t half the time. I estimate you have to win AT LEAST 75% of your matches to make decent progress in rank, given the low GP value wins often give you, vs. the cost of a loss.

I was Gold 3 in OP3 and I I’ve gotten better since then. Now I’m Silver 3/Gold 1 . oh well.

Tbh, I’m not going to lie, the fact is this, most if not all Skill based match making Systems (Or SBMMS) often looks looks at the team as both one person, This is because for the most part most if not all systems are set up using the chess system in some way shape or from.

Now in one on one games this is fine. fighting games, RTS and Card battle games, this can work because they all games that in a competitive setting you are often or always one on one fighting.

So what most did was take that over to team base gamed and then kind of change it to mark a whole team, I call this system “The group project” why? Well ever had that one class mate that didn’t pull their share and the whole group got a bad grade for it?

Yeah that’s what most team base SBMMS feels like. You can play your heart out, do your very best and still lose because a teammate kept running in and dying, or quit or worse starts ■■■■■■■ throwing. In fact the youtuber Uberdanager marks bad teams was the reason why he quit League of legends .

What needs to happen is that All team SBMMS needs to change from the group project to a new type of match making system, Hell I have two in my head, one of which is just a few to changes to what we have now.

the first one is system, Remove the cap on the GP we can get permatch, however take points away for dying and or failing to play OBJ.

Two and this one is LOOONNGGEERR. now

here’s a example
Bronze = 1 - 1000
Silver = 1001 - 1999
Gold = 2000 - 2999
Plat / Onyx = 3000 - 3999
Master / Diamond - 4000 - 4999
Grand master / Omen 5000 +

(I know there’s no omen ranked in gears, but lets just do it for the sake of the example.) With that being said the brackets are set and players who are too far away from each other’s points can’t play with each other, so with in this Example, players who are not with in 800 points of each other can not play together.

Next you have to add up the team points and then D ivied them by the number of players on said team so

Team one
p1 : 500
p2 : 100
p3 : 200
p4 : 800
p5 : 300

Team one Point total is 1900. 1900 / 5 = 380 (Team skill Avg = Low Bronze)

Team two
p1 ; 550
p2 ; 100
p3 ; 130
p4 ; 110
p5 ;800

Team two total point 1,690, 1690 / 5 = 338 (Team Avg skill = very low bronze)

Now with that being said team one is the Favored team, now keep that in mind because lets put a pin it it for now but we’ll be back to that quick.

Now when the match is over both teams Skill rating is adjusted depending on both teams avg skill and over all added up then again divided, this time by two before any bonuses are added

so both teams avg come up to a total of 718 / 2 = 359

the wining team gets 359 points plus all players get their own individual bonuses.
the losing team loses 359 points but still gets points back from their individual bonuses.

what this will do is give the players who puts in the effort a saving graze to their points if their team doesn’t do their job, and if the whole team does do well off bonuses, they could get a small bump in SR for trying. so it would be like this for example.

Multi kills ribbons? (double kill + 20 points. Triple kill + 60 points, The Quad + 80 points, The Quint?! well + 100 points. got MVP? + 150 points)

That means if player one on team two lost, but got 3 doubles, one triple and one Quad his bonus would be 200 SR. meaning that loss of 359 points, is now 159 points, his blow was softened because he put in hard work and if he got MVP he would get 9 points.

This would gear players to try and get more ribbons meaning that in all game modes they would have to learn the game well meaning that they would have to work on getting hat tricks, play the objective to get objctive based ribbons, revive and more because now the ribbons aren’t just for extra XP, now they count to tracking how much you are improving in game by giving you more points meaning the only reason your hard trapped in a ranked now is because you and not the team.

Now back to the favored team thing. Because the favored team won, they don’t get a boon from being the favored team, the game states that this game is a good chance for them to get a win. However If the underdog team wins, they get a 1.4 multiplayer to their bonus witch will tell them to adapt and try something new witch could make them less likely to quit and to keep the favored team from getting angry losing to the under dog team doesn’t take any from of punishment from losing to a underdog team.

With that being said I think a system like that would be much better, Solo Queue Would be less of a nightmare, Queuing up with friends would still be worth it and even more so and if players are worried about being to far from their friends SR Well it can be adjusted later so allow more players to play with each other.

In fact you could the two with what we have now and it would look like this.

Team two
p1 ; 550
p2 ; 100
p3 ; 130
p4 ; 110
p5 ;800

Team two
p1 ; 550
p2 ; 100
p3 ; 130
p4 ; 110
p5 ;800

Team one Point total is 1900. 1900 / 5 = 380 Team Average GP
Team two total point 1,690, 1690 / 5 = 338 Team Average GP
so both teams avg come up to a total of 718 / 2 = 359 GP at risk for both team, Now for the rage quiting to stay as a punishment after Silver,


Boom and just remove the GP cap for things like getting kills, revives, brakes, caps, etc, etc.

Then to help add on to the gp that you can get if TC doesn’t want to remove the cap, Ribbons now give extra GP, the harder / more skill to get a ribbon the more GP it’s worth with a maximum of +6gp for the hardest ribbon, and +1 for the easiest ribbons

Take GP away for Dying starting off by taking 2gp for dying, after that if you do not get a kill the Gp cost for dying goes up more by 2 gp, so if you died 6 times with out getting a kill, you lost 12gp, get a kill and the death count reset for the gp punishment.

All of that in play will now give skillful players a better gp gain for skillful plays and punishes players for mistakes.

the best part is, that your already getting a GP boost for winning, so IF there’s a player who has MVP, they get the 150 gp bump even if they are on the losing team.

Will this be easy to add? properly not, but ask this, would you like this one of these three systems over what we have now?