OP7 Problems. No OP 6 rewards

Anyone got the same problem as me? Also did a search before posting this and couldn’t find same issues.

I dont have any season rewards from.operation 6. Operation 7 apparently have only 8 weeks left lol.

And still missing cards. Thought this was meant to be sorted already. Any help would be appreciated

It took away all my duplicate cards and didn’t give me coins. So far thats my only issue.

Well leadboards still messed up. Number 1 guy has won 178 matches lost 98 but only played 2 rounds? Loool.

No cards. No rewards. Also.noticed xbox live is laggy because of it all haha. So trying to play another game and party chats are leggy. Also took away my favourite game mode of King of Hill. ( yes I know they put control but it ain’t the same)

Well coalition. Can honestly say u didn’t update servers lmao. I still don’t have rewards 26 hours after Operation 7 drops. U have had this problem every season since game launch. To ask why u haven’t sorted it is an understatement.

All I ask is when will our coin rewards be given out from previous season and also coins from duplicate cards.

P.s yes I have quit gears and hard reset console. I play series x