OP5 Trailer Maps and More

Definitely a Clay Skin

Who’s tags are those

I’m sorry, please forgive my lack of faith and enthusiasm after finding out gridlock is back :pleading_face:


I prefer Gridlock to Blood Drive to be honest.
Nexus and Regency look good by the way.


Oh yeah because only the Carmines wear tags.

This was giving me some Glory vibes too.

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Ouch, shame.

Cannot wait for it

Great looking selection of maps, looking forward to seeing all the content tomorrow

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I mean ■■■■ If you need further proof look at his helmet and look at the cracked glass inside the helmet. Matches the way his helmet looked at the end of three.

It’s clearly Clayton. The way he wears his tags are probably a homage to his brothers.

People sometimes put tattoos on their backs because they want put whatever it was they tattooed behind them literally.

That’s the way I interpreted it.

Can’t believe it’s only 2 new maps . Absolute pathetic. Considering they said at the start of operation 4 we’ll get 5 new maps for operation 5 .


Weird how the video shows a Promotional Class being picked, and also funny it features Sam in Horde when she has to be added in through a TU after the fact.



Ops 5 TOD perhaps?

Newused: (adjective) Something used, but new to you.
Synonyms: Recycling, Lazy


Played these maps for 10 plus year it’s getting mind numbing now


I think we’re getting a mean set of skins this operation tbh.

I don’t understand how River is a map you’ve played on for 10 years. I love Gears but who tf has been playing Gears 2 MP for all this time?

I get Gridlock and Clocktower, but River falls more into the “new” category for me because a vast of players have probably never been on it.


Me, I play Gears 2 MP all these years.

It’s gets very lonely

Edit: Literally took this yesterday, Ben loves his Scorcher


download (2)


It does look like he has Clayton’s bullet tattoo on his left bicep…

Damn I was hoping it was a COG gear skin. I’ll still take it because that’s sick


Yeah it’s a close call, but in a slightly better quality I’m thinking maybe Clay more likely. Let’s hope we get both,

And that the Hivebuster Carmines don’t all look as bad as Lizzie.

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Me too, if it is a skin for Clay I dunno what it is…

Damn it. I actually logged in specifically to say this :joy: