OP5 PC Performance Issues?

So, I was consistently hitting 4K@60 (Almost locked in MP 59-60, Variable depending on some scenes in PvE) until OP5 had to lower resolution to 1440p to get stable performance.

It was literally unplayable with drops to 10 FPS at moments


Ryzen 3700 3.6Ghz
32Gb DDR4 3200MHz
RTX 2070 Super 8Gb
Running from SSD PCIe 4.0

Nvidia Driver 457.30

Anyone else?

The new maps are graphic intense. I played the new maps and I took a good fps hit. Are you having problems with all the maps? Or just the new ones?

The frame drops/hitching is an issue for many PC players, myself included whereas I never had that issue before this update.

Something that has worked some users but not others:

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I had lots of hitching yesterday on the initial game on Gridlock. as time went on it got better.

not sure why but going through the new maps a few times might help. loading into and out of memory perhaps.

i5 7500,
16gb ram
gtx 1060 3gb

No issues at all

I am having the same issue. Prior to OP5 I was a getting a rock solid 100fps—no stuttering or frame drops at all. Now it’s very unstable, 100, 94, 96, etc. Very frustrating!



I will give it a try next time I can play thanks

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