OP5 mid season characters and skins plus gratitude

I really just want to throw out a thank you post to TC. I know things aren’t the best for everyone but since the game has come out, it has really gotten better. I really do appreciate them bringing back the curb stomp from Gears 2 and FFA, but the major thing for me as a strict horde or escape solo player , I am so grateful they untied the classes and characters. If I could put in just one last hopeful request it’s that they please bring back Sofia, definitely would be cool to see Kilo squad back in a game, plus Cole’s Kilo squad skin would be super appreciated too. Still bugs and problems but has improved greatly, thank you!


Ayyyy a man who sees change and is thankful…so rare on these forums…well said bruh


It’s expected… Everyone likes different things, right? No matter what they do, there will be people who will like it, there will be people who will hate it, and there will be people who wont care…

In this case: here is a person for whom playing as a particular character skin was super important, so he loves the changes…

Personally i dont care either way about that. But i hate how they destroyed the play styles of several classes, and cripled Jack’s beam… So the “benefit” of class/character separation is a "benefit’ which gives ME nothing but i still have to pay a price for it, in my gameplay…


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I would be very disappointed if the only characters we get in mid-operation is the Lambent characters that should’ve been there since launch


I do think Sofia will return. I mean they’ve added Kilo Squad Baird & Paduk in the game. Signs are all there. Just a matter of time.


I’ve wanted her to return for so long and she’s becoming more and more likely each update. Just a matter of time

I’d like to see Prescott, Hoffman, and Barrick return. Also…the Mausoleum and Mansion maps.

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I think the only thing that I could probably complain about is the image of Dizzy posing with 2 Boltoks.

I would.love to dual wield.Boltoks/snubs…maybe the talon but that would be trickier.

Other that that I can’t fault the game in any way.

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Surely not? I could have sworn I heard or read that there would be 7 characters at launch, with a further 3 as mid-operation releases? I might be mistaken, but I’m about 90% sure I heard/read this somewhere. If it’s accurate, then 7 would include the Lambent ones, and the extra 3 would be characters not yet revealed to us.

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You’re not the only one I heard this too. Imagine if Sofia Hoffman & Barrick came with them. The reaction would be class.

From the trailer.