OP5 Is Much Better Tonight

Okay sorry for getting worked up today, just passionate about this game, loved Gears 1 OG.

OP5 playing tonight was great. 4v4 provided a good speed, and lots of good teamwork, and lots of reversal stuff happening.

I’d honestly say add 5-7% damage on active with a lancer. That would be the difference to really help… with intense moments, but lancer really felt better tonight and fair in matches… (if anything was changed or not…)

And… the grenades I think should be dialed down a couple % in radius or strength… or something… they’re a bit too powerful

ONE BIG THING MISSING… is giving more awareness to the person who is down! Gears 1 used to have a HUGE ICON on the screen showing the username + character that was down, and if I remember, I think it also had an arrow pointing the direction around the circle of where they are down… making it easy to find them (even in smoke).

Also, the gnasher shot feels maybe a bit off too much to the right…? Before OP5 it felt a bit more centered?

Another note - The punishment system seems to be working not bad… if someone drops out, they have been rejoining quickly afterward, but still unsure on the idea of waiting a 3v4 the rest of the game if someone doesn’t join back…

See I feel grenades aren’t powerful enough, or they don’t detonate fast enough - same at the boomshot people sponge the life out of them. So easy to just move from grenades nowadays when you hear the ticking, planting them barely kills someone either when to me that should be a straight up GIB

& yeh with the current movement 4v4 isn’t so bad as it’s still fast-ish paced, imagine it on that possible snail movement though? :yawning_face:

Apology accepted

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Bring back execution