**OP5**HORDE** -help with Classes Overview/ Guide by Hu1k Daddy

Hey man,

They are. :slight_smile: look again. It goes from Green to Gold.

They are in Green -> Gold order rather than Gold -> Green order. When you’re looking at your skills screen, the Golds are listed first.

So someone looking for these skills in your guide has to scroll down to the bottom first for the Greens.

Again, not a big deal at all. Just my OCD kicking in. The main point is the guide itself, which, as always, is appreciated :+1: :mechanical_arm:

I gotcha,

But if you look at it this way, when you unlock the cards, ex. Greens are first with Golds being last when you look at the level unlock screen, then it is in order.

Does this help with your OCD, because I have it as well and I always even equip my skills from Green to Gold lol.

But yea man I get you. Maybe I’m just weird then haha.

However, just for you bro, if everyone actually wants full in-depth guides for this OP I will list them from Gold to Green just for you. Mainly because I think your a pretty cool dude :slight_smile:

Thanks again man.

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Ah, your order makes sense now as well. It’s really six one way and half a dozen the other.

Aw shucks :heart:

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No problem, there aren’t enough guides and discussions out there for Horde and Escape in game, so I figured that I would help at least a little.

Anyway, may I ask where your team had the Fabricator? I believe that they only run AWAY from it/towards the enemy spawn points, and we had the Fabricator inside the tower building with me overwatching from the second floor.

Anyway, the idea was to wait for big enemies to get stuck in fences within easy Markza sweetspot range, then Ult plus the damage cards to absolutely melt them. Then the headshot would retrigger Fear on the other enemies next to them lol.

Fearsome Aura was also handy for just scaring enemies out of the base and helping teammates down low in the other lane without me having to move into position with the Ult or have line of sight. It was just like having a breather every time haha.

Quick question about the Freedom Lancer…

Does the active reload + Mortar Strike/GL combo still work for the Demolition class? As in, firing off your ult as well as GL nades after getting an active reload still does extra damage?

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I’ve found that the Lancer stock is absolutely insane with this class. You’re not going to have a never ending ult now, so it’s smart to make sure you have good recoil control to hit enemies at a distance.

Best part is with the stock, it also tightens your bloom when firing fully automatic, so you can still pop heads with the retro at a decently long distance.


Interesting! This is a great tip.

Unfortunately, the only thing that will be tanky about my Veteran is his passive immunity during executions as my entire card setup is centered on offence. I think this class should be in the assault grouping.

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What about stim batteries for infiltrator? 230% stim is very handy.

Overclocks for mechanic and robotics expert?

Team repair for combat medic? Many times I saved my engineers power once Matriarch/Swarmak rushes straight into the base, leaving all fortifications broken.

Healing reach for Jack?

Completely agree bud played with the gunner and agree dropping the mulcher card for the bait armor since it makes him pretty tanky…the veteran class for me nothing really changed other than the infinite ultimate…kaits nerf?(wtf was tc think with a 5m distance)…and demolitions can only be useful with the class you set up(thanx for the advise there) In my opinion atleast tried a few times and gave up and used ur class so I agree

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I also put the extended mags card back on Marcus, when outside of ult i found it vsluable to not have to reload all the time.

I run dug in so I can take some bullets. You don’t have to absolutely obliterate everything on the field to be helpful with Marcus.

A lot of people will probably stray from using him now, but he’s a competent character with or without his ult

I don’t think that’s entirely worth it. Reloads are quick in Gears, and I’m good at hitting actives, so I personally don’t see myself using his extended mags

Answering my own question…

They did away with the active reload extra damage for the ult/GL for the Demolition class. No reason to run ty Custom GL card anymore.


@Hu1k_Daddy thanks for doing this my man.

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Yes sir,

Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner, but yes the Demo option I suggested seems to work really well and its cost efficient on power. But Yea I would just use the GL for Tactician now as its super strong with the GL reload.

@IXReptileXI9966 You can go stim if you like but I had better success in dealing more damage. As the Reaper card essentially fully heals you when you get a kill with a shotgun, so more damage=more kills which in turn=more health. Overclock is not worth taking in my opinion, the difference than a regular lvl 4 locker is minimal. Team Repair could be swapped in if no Combat Engineer, but otherwise no need. As high level players will just Red spot the Forts anyway, avoiding this. Healing reach is good, but not good enough to leave off one of these cards.

@TheDomestiChaos Infiltrator is surprising strong, you have much better staying power and can actually take a hit. Just try the Reaper card out and you will see what I mean.

@SMARTAN_427 We had it on the 2nd level in the middle building. It probably was just a 1 off, but I kind of pissed some guys off even though it was not my fault, so yea I don’t use it now haha.

@FUNKDOKTOR Sure thing man, I enjoy helping others and doing testing on stuff. So it just kind of works haha


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As someone who plays a lot of combat medic your cards are entirley dependent on how your team plays and what map your playing on.

In most cases saving my ultimate for a big team revive has usually got us killed thanks to so many of the hyper aggressive enemies that dont let you bleed out for a second.

Edit horde frenzy anyway its been ages since I played normal

Yeah when we were playing earlier I was using the medic, the trick is to max out your ultimate perk early. Plus that and @Hu1k_Daddy had a card that would raise your ultimate for killing his marked targets, playing it smart I had a revive everytime we needed it, that and making sure you have damage reflection cards on so you can still be viable to help out a single downed teammate running out into the field real quick, but yeah you are right with it really being about your teammates and communication before the match to make sure your cards link up

I remember really likeing my grenadier set up on abyss. Just spamming grenades and my ultimate to super charge my teamates and repair everything

EDIT: combining into a single post:

does the assault rifle perk apply to GL rockets?

yeah, until people moan like crazy and it will get nerfed …

I am just passing all this info the people I play with, BUT I just made one change: I suggested the Clayton player drops reflect shredder in favor of the cryo card, we find it very effective, lots of free cryos at the start of the game, and reflective shredded doesn’t really work against the super dangerous fliers (yet), so it seems like better to have something that works great in the early stages than something that MIGHT work against a type of an enemy, but isn’t reliable…

Ok, the enforcer card… That’s GOT TO BE to help out in the early waves, right :slight_smile: ?? You really prefer that to the stim?