**OP5**HORDE** -help with Classes Overview/ Guide by Hu1k Daddy

Hey Gears,

So I’ve been playing a lot of the new operation and just wanted to put down some tips for each class and a quick build for the potential new meta. So lets get started.

Assault Classes

  • Blade Master- Brawler, Shock Shield, Shock Chain, Thrill of the Hunt, Blade Dancer - Class is so good, but you have to be on your toes on Master runs and not go out to far.

  • Demolitions- Officer’s Prerogative, Gambit, Grenade Satchel, Custom Boomshot, Razer Hail - The Ultimate cooldown for this class is all about the bleed damage. Say goodbye to the GL and say hello to a hella a lot of Air Strikes.

  • Infiltrator- Reaper, Custom Gnasher, Enhanced Stim, Laceration, Blood Resonance- This is a one trick pony gnasher class. Reaper is a must have now on Master and with the upgrade to Stim in this opt, its the best way to go in my opinion.

  • Marksman- Ambush, Exploit Weakness, Explosive Critical Hit, Modified Longshot, Icy Precision- Marksman’s new Passive makes having Icy Precision almost a must, as hit the first guy with weak point to get cold and then it will carry over to the next guy if behind him. This also gets your ULT back really quick.

  • Nomad- Menace, Faze, Markza Mastery, Consecutive Shot, Intimidation- This build gives you the best of both worlds. You are a glass cannon, but the focus is on offense here and keeping the enemy back. Swap the gnasher for a MK3 lancer and focus on holding down a flank for your team. Just watch the damage numbers at the end of the wave lol.

Tank Classes

  • Anchor- Bloody Shot, Barrier Boost, Lethal Barrier, Harness Energy, Bullet Chain- Boltok all day for this class. With this class its important to keep them near any Marksman or Nomad as they get a big bump in damage while shooting through your Shield. With Harness energy you can stim the whole team by just walking into a bad guy with your shield. Quite fun class actually.

  • Brawler- Play with Fire, Pyromaniac, Perk up, Torch Tackle, All the Glory- For this class you want a "Freedom Lancer’ (Lancer GL) and a Scorcher. Now I don’t recommend picking up Scorcher Mastery as the Scorch is already really strong and when you do an active reload with it, you kind of burn everything around you and can kill yourself really fast. So adding this card just makes it almost impossible to use on Master as one quick step on the fire and your down and then dead.

  • Gunner- Heavy Shell, Heavy Capacity, Heavy Charger, Bait Armor, Reflect Shredder- This class will focus on the Tri-shot now. Reason being is the reducing to the Mulcher and Bait Armor now seems to work better for some odd reason, so you get more defense and now the ability to kill anything at any range when DBNO.

  • Pilot- Enforcer Expert, Cold Finish, Bleeding Mulcher, Healing Trishot, The Hammer- Don’t even bother with the new Scorcher card. This will destroy your silver back really quick do to self damage. Focus on holding down lanes and backing up Flanks, save your ULT for over runs and Boss waves. Saved my team many times with this setup. Also, the Hammer now works on all ground based bosses. Matriarch is kinda hit or miss but its great fun.

  • Veteran- Custom Lancer, Brutal Efficiency, Last Ditch, Flank em, Headshot Master- This class is still all about the MK3 lancer and the Retro. You will do crazy Damage with this Build but will be squishy. So it will be a good corner holder and bait the enemy in with Executions. You take no damage will doing them so doing this on Master is still a go.

Support Classes

  • Combat Medic- Custom Lancer, Perfect Condition, Razor’s Edge, Overdoing it, Get up- This Class is focused on keeping you and your team on your feet. You want to play defensively with this class and pick targets carefully. Use your ULT when over run and many down, not when you are the only one down. Do this and succeed.

  • Jack- Zapper Upgrade, Sacrifice, Explosive Hijack, Backstab, Rampage- Jack’s ULT is now available way more often. You can get it in the same wave when leveling his personal Ultimate cooldown perk. Sacrifice is a good card as it removes the issue of when Jack hijacks by not being able to heal, this gives you the best of both. Just remember after you Hijack to get back to your team to make better use of this card.

  • Mechanic- Ingenuity, Reinforced Fabrication, Armor Plating, Efficient Fabrication, Overload- This class is a true classic engineer. Build strong Defenses to help your team. Don’t even bother with Bloody balls.

  • Robotics Expert- Combat Engineer, Inspired Sniping, Precision Repairs, Experimental Weapons, Bloody DR-1- This is your offensive support Engineer. Focus on the Embar and getting those continual shots to keep getting your ULT back even faster. Its a build that almost gives you an extra teamate, well one that can act drunk from time to time anyway.

  • Tactician- Recharge Bounty, Resupply Duration, Resupply Amplifier, Shredder, Resupply Healing Module- Miss the old JD with Freedom Lancer Spamming? Well here you go. This ULT now regins GL ammo, carpet bomb the map anyone?

And the other classes havent change other than there name so… yeah.

Hope this helps guys, I litterly went all day Mastering the new maps and trying out all kinds of weird builds, but I believe these are the best options to use at this time.

Good Luck Gears!


Excellent work, I will look through my builds later and have a play with your recommended. Would you still say no to GL if you have an extra locker? I find there’s so much extra resources now even without a Jack to buy more than one locker for JD.


Hey man, honestly no. Just go GL with Tactician and you will see what im talking about. Just focus on your Explosive resupply Personal Perk so you can Max it, then work on your Kill Cooldown Perk.

This is like the Old JD, just try it and see for yourself.

But for the JD build I recommended, I honestly would only use a Boomshot and Grenades, as the Bleed Damage gives you your ULT back fast, faster than even having the Air Drop ULT cooldown card. Do this and you will be Air Striking like Crazy. Just focus on your ULT cooldown Perk and Deposit the rest.

Cheers and thanks. :slight_smile:


Are you planning on revising your class guides?

With Clayton/Gunner, I had alot of success with a Torque build. But this class is pretty versatile anyway.

Also, my XBL social manager is playing up. I didn’t see your invite until hours later (it popped on my phone but that was charging in another room so again I didn’t see it).


My dude who leaves me hanging lol.

If people want them sure. I played for almost the entire day Mastering the new Maps and then spent 5 hours testing each class individually.

But yea I was wondering why you just straight up ignored me. I was like dang, when did I pee in his cornflakes haha.

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So Tactician gets GL refill with Ult? Nice… I love this class even before you found this out.

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Oh yea,

and its stronger than JD’s original build when you have the Explosives’ Perk maxed. I can get 10 GL’s out before the ULT ends haha.

Talk about wiping the map.

But the new JD build is also crazy strong. Just bleed all day and Air Bomb. Made Master easy as hell.


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@Hu1k_Daddy what classes do you think are the best boss killers? Demolitions’ Air Strike still seems the best to me. I think any Master run needs a class that can reliably eliminate bosses, so it would be interesting to hear what alternative strategies to “death from above” there are in OP5. I’ve seen Icy Precision stop bosses in their tracks, maybe Concussive Explosives and now drop shot stun will be enough to mitigate bosses without Air Strike.

Absolutely. Yourself and others find details I would never have found from reading the card descriptions alone!

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I think it’s an XBL thing. Occasionally this happens and there’s delayed invites and messages.

I’m a bit busy today with family but should be on for a bit at around 10pm GMT. I’ll probably want to do the daily Escape Hive first though. Hopefully it’ll be a straightforward one!

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Yo man,

A big thank you for getting me Mastered on that Dang Air Map. That Map is crazy tuff. So I really appreciate the help bro.

But Yea I would say Demolitions is still the Boss killer class for sure. With Officers Perogative Card equipped and with Master having all that extra Health you are almost ULT’ing back to back with that Bleed Cooldown hidden Boost. So the bigger the Target the Faster you get your ULT back.

But this is why I recommended the Build the way I did. It basically just lets you keep ULT’ing which is what you really want to be doing with this class now anyway.

Also, Anchor and Demolitions are like BFF’s. As you can get them to pop their barrier out so you can get the time you need to Mark 5 and get the most bang for your buck. As well as shooting Boomshots through the barrier of course. :slight_smile:


Thank you daddy, cough cough errrr I mean hulk daddy :slight_smile: was looking for something like this!


Yes sir,

Anytime. This OP actually dropped at a good time for me where I don’t currently have my son over. So I was actually able to focus on this 100% for once.

Cheers and I hope this quick guide helps you out bro.

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Yeah I was luckily off tuesday so i was able to really take a good look through but still working with different combinations and such, its pretty simple as its literally the old system minus/plus a few cards here or there, but I’m defiantly gonna try out some of the setups you suggested see if they gets me somewhere, rn I’m working on jack cause i want that venom looking jack skin, like a teacup serving venom right to the hearts of the enemy!!!


I like that. I posted a All Jack Master Event a few min ago if you would like to join in. Mic is required though. For any events I do, I just need it to be fun, so having a team full of no mic’s is like going to the prom with no music.

Cheers man, and please let me know your thoughts after you tried some of these. I really love seeing peoples feedback on my guide suggestions.

Of course and I just woke up, still in bed trapped in my womans monster grip, but as soon as a wiggle free imma be hopping on, hopefully I’ll be able to catch ya, and yes to the mics in lobby, I always try to require them but it takes to long to get a team of mics at least for me so I usually end up just going micless but so far I guess with the operation start we are getting a bunch of new players and old players for the time being, and so far I’ve had some pretty poor horde teammates, (guys playing with level 1-5 on inconceivable/masters, reup 1 to reup -1 lol, and just dying by the end of round 2) so I’ve been looking for some more solid horde people to play with

Oh yea man,

I feel that. I play with new people all the time with also other people that I know. Had a funny moment yesterday when we had a new guy join our party. He was a good player but the kind that also likes to mass produce information to you about the game, or Horde particularly.

Well he started talking about something in the game you could do in Horde after already telling us like 20 other things that we of course didn’t ask about. When he starts talking about it, a buddy of mine is just like “Dude!” Do you realize you are telling this to the guy who litterly writes Horde guides for this game?"

After a long silence, I just see the message pop up, so and so has left the party.

OMG so funny. This is why I like Mic’s, just makes it more fun.

Cheers again, and I hope to see you on later.


Some good builds. There are so many viable ways to play the classes these days it is amazing.

BTW, for Inflitrator(Kait), while it doesn’t say it, the Reaper card also HEALS you to guarantee the Stim. Just like Brawler(Cole)'s tackle kills. So you don’t have to worry about being full health before you kill something. If you don’t have Stim yet for the tanky Stim build, you can just Ult to go invis and sneak up and powerblast something to get stim, then you are ready to go.

Not to mention, the 10x damage passive works for the Longshot, so you could have one on you to essentially powersnipe a Scion or Bastion from across the map in an emergency. I think that this class could be more versatile than people are giving it initial credit for.

Lastly, Nomad (Paduk)'s ranged build is now amazing in Horde with the buff from getting the precision damage perk (though I wish that it was ALL damage to combo with Gnasher…).

Screenshot of me topping the scoreboard on Master River with Nomad (my friend Siul was the promotional Striker, Lizzie Pilot, Dom Brawler, and Thrashball Kait Gunner).

I was using Consecutive Shot, Markza card, Acceleration, Intimidation, and Fearsome Aurora.

I could 3-shot Drone Elites and DeeBees 41-50 with an active Markza, and 1-shot them with an active Longshot I believe without even needing Consecutive stacks. And you could spam the Ult because killing just a single Scion or DR-1 (which die in about one active mag) would almost completely recharge your Ult.

And for Nomad’s ranged build, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of the Fearsome Aurora card (I hope that I didn’t grab the wrong name, it is the green card that extends the radius of the Fear Ult by 6 meters). This card is very underrated IMO since trying it out lately. Synergizes well with the ranged build, as you can cross-map scare enemies in the entire area. I was able to sit in the towers on River and scare things on the other side of the bridge with ease!


Hey man,

Thanks for the reply and the additional info :slight_smile:

Well for River, I actually tired Fearsome Aura, but unfortunately for me it caused 2 Boomshot Scions to run for their lives right into out base lol.

But yea the added Aura is so Big that when I popped the ULT I didn’t even see them. So because of that I took the card off. Guess I just have bad luck.

Thanks again man.

Small thing, and mostly my OCD, but you should list the skills in the order they are listed on the card selection screen, with Gold->Purple->Blue->Green, and A-Z within each rarity.

Otherwise, good quick guide!