OP5 Horde comments thread


So far so good. Separation of classes and characters will take a bit of time to get used to.

Maps look good, etc.

Two immediate thoughts i had:

Sooooooo many flashbangs… On river and clocktower i was CONSTANTLY getting flashes, it’s like, wtf, you cant do anything…

Dropped heavy weapons disappear waaaaaaaay too quickly. Playing as Gunner i died… Someone picked up my tags, run to fab, i came back, and my dropped mulcher was already gone… I think that time is set faaaaar too low…

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I think it’s looking pretty good so far, but I’ll only be really impressed if TC adds usable Locust skins to Horde mode.

Have you used Clayton’s recharge ult perk since the operation? Did they completely gut that perk or is it still useful?

Hi, i did not: i dont usually run that card so i cant say…

There are new classes and skills, Kat, Emile, Sarah Connor, will these classes stay forever or just for limited time?
i dont have any dlc character

maps and classes system are great

Is there any actual worthwhile content for horde? New enemies even if they are from gears 1-3? Any new base defenses? The turret been put back? Any new bosses? Any new weapons? Any new modifiers? Is there a wave intensity increase to add a more chaotic feel with more enmies spawns and random waves and the option to turn stupid robots off?

Any word that beast or overrun mode might make a comeback or are we stuck with the boring escape mode for our alternative pve mode?

I just don’t care about new characters, cosmetics, classes please just give us some new god damn actual content, you didn’t give us any new content but new maps in Gears 4 and it seems like this will be the same for Gears 5 :frowning:

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Anchor is a beast. I was nearly matching JD in terms of damage. Really good to see this class be really good in Horde.

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Which weapon were you using? I feel like they just need to remove boltok damage dropoff now

Pretty cool what TC has done in op5 this time, especially in pve. only thing that bothers me is that the classic horde option has been removed for no reason, while it was present a little while ago. is tc still making some adjustments or something? or is there something wrong on my side?

I was using the Boltok and Longshot, I did 1.7m damage in a Frenzy, the JD/Demolitions did 1.8m damage.

Using the Barrier a lot gives you so much damage, especially when you put some power into your perks.

Ok, cool, i never think of longshot…

50% critical damage boost, 50% damage boost, 50% shield passive… Close to fahz

The classes are apparently always going to be there, and they can be used without the associated promo characters.

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Mulcher is useless. I forgot all about the change and was at 60% until I could perk, just awful. Played nexus and got double swarmak and then double kestrel with more guardians over and over than I have seen before.

Got it done with JD, Del, Kait, Marcus and me as Clay. Kait went down a lot.

Brilliant map, like blood drive but harder. I don’t like the class separation, it’s confusing as hell when you know by glancing who is doing what. Entering a lobby is a nightmare and trying to see who is doing what role. I went clay/gunner for ease, I was the only one. Before I’d worked out who was who the game was starting.

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We just played together on Nexus, I had Marcus/veteran, I was loose cause of double gabe and double clay xD.

Personally really happy with the nerf of Marcus, he use to be my main but cause he was too op I didn’t play him much the last operation. And Nexus is amazing really beautiful map, I’m in love

Have to agree. All in all very little additional substance added.

Yep I used it, it’s the same. I was easily firing it twice per wave.

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Oh wow, I don’t often match make with anyone from here, good game. Yes sorry you were Marcus as Vet, apologies. I think the only issue is Kait had to get far too close now to be effective. JD was still doing decent damage but a few of those levels 45-49 I was a bit nervous!

Yeah that Marcus change didn’t stop you racking up damage! But yeah it’s much better now :slight_smile:

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Yea the same, I was playing I was like « dannyjo » seems me something lol.

The waves 45 till 50 were hard but that’s nice, before most of those waves was always easy. Giving some challenges :smirk:

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I’ve seen double Kestrels once, but two Swarmaks sounds like an even worse nightmare.

Yeah the engineer was good but all those far away fences made damaging with Clay very hard. Guardians and sentinels always make me nervous!

Yeah one straight after another, never seen that before. I don’t fear Matriarchs like some do, never really wipe me, but Swarmaks are my nemesis. :frowning:

Oh and the wave 1 tap is excellent!