OP4: Ok, NOW the card RNG/Grind makes perfect sense.. They are selling us "scrap"! (at ridiculous prices)

Since launch I have been after TC or anyone here to explain WHY we have that insane RNG card drop mechanism, for horde. it made no business sense. In GoW4, it made sense - they wanted us to buy loot boxes. But here, for 9 months, there were no loot boxes of any kind… So it really made no sense. If the unlocked cards already came in at max level, what would TC be losing out on? Nothing… So it made no sense…

Well, NOW, it all becomes clear…

In case you guys don’t know, in OP4, after you reach general, you keep going into “legend” ranks… each rank gives you 750 Gold Coins… So you can keep ‘ranking up’ indefinitely, indefinitely getting GCs, after you finish your ToD…

HOWEVER… 750 GCs is NOTHING… It takes 100K to level up a gold from 5 to 6… And you only get so many free daily objectives, right? And there are only so many medals…

Sooooo… Buy Iron, my friend, and keep re-rolling the dailies, indefinitely, at 50 iron each, rather than grind the game… To get GCs, to PAY to upgrade your cards!

This isn’t a direct “pay $ for card upgrades”, but if you think about the path here, that’s exactly what is it - pay $ for Iron, use iron to re-roll objectives, do objectives to get GC, use GC to level up your cards."…

So yeah, the grind now makes perfect business sense… Make people hate the grind, make them look for a quick solution, one which involves $ :slight_smile:

BTW, I fee like they totally screwed us on GCs. I have a quasi guest account - it had 10 scrap. They gave me 12 GC for it. So that’s a 1.2 conversion ratio… BUT the upgrade cost on cards is almost double now! 4000 for a gold dup, from 2400 scrap…



Another thing is why do we have say 34,685 coins? This “85” coins is pretty useless.
Why didnt they just change it to 100 when converted?


Do you know how many stars it takes to rank up after general? Just curious what the earn rate could be.

12 stars for 750 coins.

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That’s not too bad imo, but I’ll have to gauge my feelings when I finish ToD.


It can be argued either way.

There will be people that play a ton. They will never need iron.

Others are normal gamers with a life and a job. They will struggle to level up cards without using iron for something.

Gears has been pay to win since TC took over.

Gears POP! Is the worst pay to win I’ve ever played.


I did some rough calculations and worked out that if you reached General in 2 weeks (which I’ve been able to do for all four TOD’s so far), then based on there being 16 weeks remaining, factoring in Boost which doubles stars given for daily objectives, then based on averages (based on an average of 20 stars per day including the free reroll), and if you completed them every day you’d get around 140,000 Gear Coins by the end of the Op. Plus you’re get some extras from remaining medals, and would have earned around 80,000 from the actual TOD. As I said, this is an average from daily objectives (but it is based on completing all objectives every day which I appreciate not all people will have time to do).

It’s a reasonable amount when you think about it in terms of store items. However the problem is that Gear Coins also replace Scrap, so PVE players wanting to upgrade skill cards then they’d need to use Gear Coins to do this and the cost is pretty big.


A lot of the gold cards are either not too impactful, or give very small boosts when upgraded, so I probably won’t be spending gc on them.

The purple cards are more valuable imo, and I think the cost is pretty fair.

Only problem I see is pve players having to choose between skins and more powerful cards, depending on how much time they have to commit to the game.


From my grind experience, the purple epic cards are pretty much always the last card(s) to full upgrade. Before the cap was raised to level 6, I managed to max out all of my Escape characters and with Lahni by the time I maxed out the last card (which was actually a blue rare one), I had over 40 excess gold legendary ones. With Keegan, the last card I needed was a purple epic one and again, had over 40 excess gold legendary ones.

The gold ones are easy enough to acquire if you play Insane and above. Most characters only have 1 gold card, and some characters have two, so in terms of probability most players will always max out the gold one before all of the purple ones. Some characters have lots of purples as well - Paduk has 7!


That’s a good point.

In regards to Paduk, I’ve had to spend gc on about 80% of my markza mastery card so far.

Hopefully we’ll be able to scrap excess cards soon.

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I thought this too when I looked at how much GC I’d been given for my scrap, combined with the higher cost of the cards. In my case, however; I’m getting much more GC during this tour compared to the amount of scrap I received in previous tours.


Well you could get rid of the ‘80’ but you’ll always be left with the ‘5’ with the current card pricing. Maybe they’ll introduce a card sale or provide compound interest on balances :rofl:

I currently have 43,241. I’m determined to leave myself with a balance of 1 when I eventually stop playing :crazy_face:

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The thing is that most gold cards aren’t even worth upgrading, let alone equipping to your loadout. Purples and blues, which are much more reasonably priced, are the true difference makers for most characters.

I just looked through all the gold cards and I only see two characters with two gold cards each (Paduk and Lizzie) that might warrant ever burning a ton of Gears Coins on to upgrade from level 5 to 6. The level increases from gold 5 to gold 6 are so minimal for most characters that I doubt a significant difference could even be felt. It’s also worth noting that Master difficulty is now easier in OP4 and it’s possible to do just fine in matches with all level 5 cards.

Save your coins for the good purples that rarely seem to drop.

Eh, most gold cards suck anyway, besides a couple like Chain, All The Glory, and Serated Edge. Just run The Clock on Inconceivable over and over until you get the cards you want.


Yeah, I don’t think that was the idea, even if it worked out that way. Most of the playerbase doesn’t even do PvE, so it wouldn’t make sense to target PvE folks to spend money on cards.

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because ToD essentially gives you limitless Gears Coins (or an insanely high amount I should say) the argument that TC isn’t being kind this operation is a false one. I already hit General :crazy_face:

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This is not true at all lol. If it was there would be no support for PvE modes because it wouldnt be justified


I think they almost found the perfect balance for getting those cards overall. Previously you had no real chance of getting to scrap continously. You had to get lucky that a supply drop actually dropped a high value duplicate. Now you can at least use the ToD to get to some coins, even if it is just a few.

The gold cards aren’t the big deal usually. There’s only 1 or 2 and you drop them fairly often on higher difficulties. The purple cards however are a big pain because there is so many and the chances to drop one isn’t that much higher.

You’ll most likely have the gold cards maxed first before you have all the purple ones maxed.

Purple one costs only 1000 GC, and you can get 750 GC at least every 2 days without spending any Iron (unless you have the worst RNG possible on those dailies). With boost you most likely get 750 GC every day. So theoretically, you can buy 1 purple card every ~ 2 days.

Can’t wait? Pay the price.


I can’t believe I just read that :joy:

Imagine if TC did a free to play battle royale game like call of duty warzone, purely pvp, it would flop massively, because nobody outside of the sweaty entitled versus elitists club (so casuals/new players) is interested in the kind of gameplay these elitists preach about, when TC change things so everybody can enjoy versus, the elitists complain that they aren’t being catered for… when in reality its attracting more players.

Operation 4 had a massive PVE focus, you don’t know about it because you don’t play or haven’t heard from anyone who does, probably because they’re playing and not moaning, but naaa its because “Most of the playerbase doesn’t do PVE…”


… to get ‘boost’ means spending £; OP seemed to be saying that system is designed to encourage spending so factoring in ‘boost ‘ to say system is not that bad is not really a solid argument against his point .

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