OP4 Horde is fun

Hey guys,

After OP4, all of the characters have a chance to do damage and play cooperatively.

We’ve done a Master Horde with No Engineer, Sentries, nor Jack. The game was tough really but the team has made it!

Nicely done TC!


Careful now! This will provoke some people who constantly complain about the role of engineer being redundant! :wink:


hmmm. yeah but sometimes when there is no Engineer around, you have to do it your self :sweat_smile:
No offense to the Engineers as I’ve played it mostly in Gears 4 and doing in 5 from time to time :slight_smile:


Well played Dreamz

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Thank you buddy :slight_smile:

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I know man. I’ve always said that the engineer is and always has been an important role in Horde but good players will challenge themselves like this because it’s fun and interesting. It doesn’t diminish the importance of the Engineer, but good teams can pull of 1-50 waves on Master without one. It’s like how @CommanderCH2863 pulled off mastering every Escape Hive solo using Cole. It’s a reflection of ability.


Today if you have a Marcus, you most likely neither need an Engineer, nor a Jack. We pulled off plenty of such runs already without big troubles. In OP3 it was in fact challenging since not everybody could buy fortifications and the repairtool was expensive.

Also I’m still missing The Gatekeepers and The Onslaught in solo mode. :wink:

Is this a common thing now to have no Engie or Jack?

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Seemed like you guys crushed that final wave.

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Well seeing that you don’t need an Engie or Jack to complete a match of Horde…sure.

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I have not played 1-50 Horde since Op 4 and haven’t checked Custom Horde Lobby. I would’ve imagined most still do or require / ask for Engineer and Jack, otherwise they may not start. So that in the OP could’ve been an exception, where the host isn’t as strict.

Yeah, people still asking for Engie and Jack in the titles.

Some hosts will launch games without engi and seem fine to start without a Jack too. I’d prefer one or the other so we would struggle less with power or have better lockers with Overclock though. May be that this sort of thing is found more in lower difficulties than Insane +.

I think it depends on the map as well. Some maps lend themselves better to defence. The early waves can be tough without fortifications and it’s easy to get overrun. Juvies and Sires tend to panic people, and they forget to watch out for other enemies.

Perhaps so, but I don’t have too much experience with which maps are easier and which are harder to defend early on with no forts. A good Kait player can keep away Juvies and Sires without too much trouble so long as ranged enemies are dealt with by others. Lizzie and Clayton can also stun them if needed.

The only one that would come to mind for being harder to defend without forts is Vasgar if you choose a spawn setup. Checkout doesn’t seem too hard but then again, that was only an Elite match with somewhat decent players.

Well yeah because it’s easier to do with them. I don’t blame them for wanting to make it easier to get it done.

That’s because they want an easy win. I see lobbies that say 18+, reup 15+, jd, keegan, lizzie, del, jack. The entire setup is predetermined -.-
Before operation 4 you didn’t need a Jack to clear masters. I’ve done that. I haven’t done a 1-50 without an engineer though but I’m sure someone has.

Since the taps are worth keeping now I find a Jack is only if you want healing or enough energy to max out all perks. I think it’s still sad the most dangerous thing in horde are sentinels and guardians. I see so many novice engineers setup a base on Forge and they never put sentries in the middle room. A Flyer goes right behind everyone and it’s a team wipe. I also see them putting sentries right in front of the entrance. A single boomshot blows them up. Amateurs.


On any Master run I almost always ask for one person to be Jack/Engineer, they are simply too vital to a team’s success, although team’s don’t technically require them they make the game much much easier as now everybody has a locker and every side gets covered with fortifications, if anything taps being actually useful has impacted necessity of Engineers/Jack far more, you can get away with it easier. That Sarah Connor on the team was definitely deadweight, but Marcus/Fahz combo so effing strong that no army can mess with them :crazy_face:
You also have to consider its BloodDrive, where 1 Marcus can solo Master run it lol, super easy map.


Luckily, Marcus wasn’t in your game :rofl:

huh? I was Marcus my self…and I played it smartly to cover up the team and by not spamming my ultimate…

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Well done mate…awesome work!