Op4 and Op3 are awful overall for Horde fans,,, Master used to be fun cuz it was hard!

Horde Master used to be a fun challenge, but it seems TC has pandered to the noobs who couldn’t figure it out. With JD’s “Let’s get tactical” and Fahz’s “Situational awareness, ever heard of it?”… there were enough clues to figure out what made Gears 5 Horde so incredibly special! This WAS the most tactical and situational Horde ever created and the pandering TC has sadly succumbed to the whiners who couldn’t figure it out!

The most critical mess-ups are: First, the nerfing of the Matriarch and the Sentinels in op3. Second, the nerfing of elite drones and the overall downgrade to 2.0 in op4. Third. the continual messing up of the JD character as opposed to just fixing/addressing other characters. JD was fine leading up to op3. Fourth, everybody can buy anything from the fabricator and upgrade fortifications. The noobs remove the engineer’s ability and focus to create a base for the team that tactically addresses Master Horde in its original conception of being a TRUE challenge.

We used to have a Horde Master that was challenging because the game was a challenge. Now we have a Horde Master that’s challenging because of the noobs who are a challenge… the noobs can beat 50 waves of Master doing dumb things and then coming into lobbies insisting on doing dumb things because TC has finally pandered to them. Horde Master used to be amazing in its challenge to address situational tactics and building a base in optimal fashion for addressing those tactics. Now, I feel like we’re playing with a bunch of preschoolers.

TC has dumbed down Master so much, it has lost its identity of being the best Horde challenge ever created and that made Gears 5 special and unparalleled to ANY Gears Horde rendition ever created. I was a global leader before these poor updates and now that achievement means nothing. The noobs should’ve been happy with winning on Elite or Insane than continue to cry about Master like the underdeveloped humans they are. So instead, TC (like the lazy parents they are) has rewarded the toddler-minded gamers than the ones who actually used their brains and skills to figure out how to beat Master Horde the way it was originally created.

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Nah, up dates were spectacular. I’ve honestly never had more fun playing horde before. Plus the tile horde maps are actually refreshing and fun.

To each their own I guess


with a name like @Plan_B_Expert can’t say I’m disappointed :joy_cat:

As much as I dislike how easy Gears 5 horde is now, I suspect TC are eventually going to add higher difficulties so my boredom with the “meta” and the “speedruns” of now will hopefully go away in time.

I also think everything you said about Gears 5 is hilarious, Gears 2/3 are arguably far better because instead of getting diversity with classes we had unique enemies/weapons, and the game didn’t just become a snoozeville the more you played (which it currently does once you hit level 5/6 cards with classes)

Gears 5, since launch, has been a WIP, although it will end up becoming a beautiful butterfly in the next few operations, it hasn’t quite transformed yet.

This update was amazing for horde. Before you needed to run some combination of JD, Kait, Jack and an engineer to do masters. I remember when you would dmg the ■■■■ out of a matriarch and if she wasnt dead by the time you ran out of bullets she healed up to full almost instantly. My favorite was being impossible to move outside of cover because a claw would drop you instantly. Now claws only drop you within .0001 of a second :stuck_out_tongue: That’s not my idea of challenging or fun. Literally everyone who wasn’t kait/jd was using tri shots before OP4. Now they aren’t the only 2 dmg dealers anymore.
Fahz snipes with a sniper rifle instead of another tri shot user
Marcus destroys things with his ult. Though I think they need to adjust how long it lasts cause its OP
Lizzie can be useful without the silverback. Stunning/killing with dropshots. But TC please fix the stunning barriers. It’s broken.
CoG gear gives stim from headshots instead of stim from that crappy snub pistol.
Clayton is one of my favorite classes now with his buffs.
As much as I feel the enigineers need some love to compensate for the open fabricator, it also means engineer isn’t mandatory. They really do need to buff them now that everyone can build. Mainly remove the exploits such as stunning/bleeding barriers. Give engi’s perks to buy during horde like everyone else. Buff them in some way for fortifications. Right now I feel like the repair ■■■■■. A job anyone can do but no one else wants to do it.


The engineer served a greater purpose in Horde than ever before… prior to the op3 and op4 updates. The optimal base had designated killboxes where it made sense to perk up Jack’s movement speed and his healing reach was a true factor… a base where the killbox wasn’t the actual base!

Gear 5 core maps excelled in creating different lines of sight… more than any rendition of Gears ever before. The op3 and op4 updates have catered to the casual gamers (as my friend likes to call them)… but for the sake of the game’s superior achievement in its challenges, I call them noobs… because many still haven’t figured them out and still beg for Master to be easier… which is so laughable and so far from its original concept and challenge.

Op3 and Op4 has now made it more possible to achieve a full mater run of 50 waves with very bad engineering. “Base in your face” is one example of a strategy I’ve coined that is made by many elementary engineers… who I’m sure many have played with… who I’m sure why many see Horde is boring. There’s no intelligence in it, and it doesn’t address an optimal way of address the new complexity of Gear 5 Horde maps… especially their core ones… the ones that in its original concept, was a fantastic challenge and a very enjoyable achievement to beat master in 50 waves.

What I hear more and more is that these casual gamers want Gears 5 to be more like Gears 4… or more like Gears 3… or more like Gears 2. Forget all those renditions and get it back to what Gears 5 Horde Master was… a unique challenge that emphasized tactics and situational awareness.

PvP community shakes their heads in contempt :pensive:

Glorified airsoft gun. Especially in Escape. Wtf am I supposed to do with this p.o.s.?

Sorry you lost me when you said this horde was too noob friendly and then claimed JD was fine before.


They don’t need to add higher difficulties. They already had 8 LEVELS (beginner, intermediate, experienced, advanced, elite, insane, inconceivable and master)! The problem was, I imagine it was gamers like you, who complained Master was too hard. So what now? As to your suggestion, TC needs to add more than 8 levels of difficulty?!

They had it right in the first two operations… when Master was DIFFICULT. Op3 and Op4 made Master a lot easier so noobs could say, months later, we need more levels of difficulty. TC pandered to those.

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I disagree. Before these updates Master really wasnt that difficult. It was boring, repetitive and tedious. Most lobbies played the same. JD spams freedom lancer, engineer builds sentries, Kait shoots at whoever gets closet that the sentries didnt get, jack reviving JD.


Operation 4 brought me back to this game. I stopped playing Gears 5 back in Dec 2019 soon after OP 2 was released (complete joke).

The Gears coins is a fantastic change and gives me something to work towards as well as being able to actually buy the characters/skins/emotes etc with coins.

I bought Baird straight away (with Gears coins) as I was spending hours doing absolute stupid $h1t to try and unlock him with the pathetic totem system which thank F is gone.

This game is miles better than it was back in op 1/2. I was bored as hell with JD spammers (I’m guily of this myself a few times). Now it feels that most characters (I’ve played) have more of a important role instead of feeling useless and underpowered.


I have to say I disagree.

If Master before was so challenging because of bullet sponges then hey ok then.

All they did was make it more fun to play. I myself never liked playing master because it was so damn boring. Because you know, when I play a game I kinda like to be able to do something. Not just hide in cover all the time and be forced to play certain classes.

But to each there own.



The way you’re describing isn’t how you beat master horde in ops 1 and 2. And I don’t see you on the master horde leaderboards so if that’s the way you think it’s done then that’s why you’re not there. So you probably got bored of losing master horde.

JD artillery doesn’t do jack ■■■■ to bosses on beginner Horde. So they obviously did somethingto Horde. I could take out a Snatcher in seconds before this op when farming boss medal. Now? A snatcher loses like 1/10 of health with an artillery a d two freedom lancer hits for another 1/8 of it. With Fahz in this Operation, I took out three Swarmaks in less than 1min &30sec.

They nerfed JD or they buffed enemies base health because my medal farming runs? I get my ■■■■ pushed in. I’ve soloed many maps before this update. Even with artillery and stun it didn’t do crap. Even Matriarch is tougher with JD. That snatcher pulled a Space Jam physics Michael Jordan and leaped all the way across AllFathers Arena. From one end to another, snatched me, and I failed the wave.

I’ve beaten all launch maps on Master. I have my seriously chapter 1. I dont play for leaderboards I play for fun.


Truth hurts doesn’t it lol

You’re entitled to your opinion, but there was a reason why so many custom lobbies had no JD in the title before OP4. It doesn’t take a ton of skill to carpet bomb a map. Are you sure you’re not just a GL spammer who’s a little butt hurt that skilled players with certain characters like Fahz can out damage you on certain maps?



just curious, is your team playing with both scoreboost cards?

I didn’t list the changes to other characters as a negative and it’s not my fault that gamers choose to play JD the way you’re describing. Maybe you’re butthurt over my comments? I definitely am hurt that TC made the changes I specified in the original post. Master Horde sucks now! You’re entitled to your opinion too, but I have played Gears 5 almost exclusively during the pandemic and play Horde a majority. My version of fun was figuring out how to beat Horde Master when it was difficult and consistently beating it on core maps where there was no speed run, no game room and no simplicity to the map or no map that wasn’t designed for Gears 5 specifically.

Your version of fun was doing it once for every map. Congrats to you for that. Not belittling your achievement but if you couldn’t beat Master Horde consistently on the core maps in its original conception, then you’re missing out on a very satisfying version of Gears Horde that had never been created till they started nerfing the Matriarch, the Sentinels, the elite drones and the overall master downgrade to 2.0.

The meta-character idea was also good in its clear intent… whereas they were sneaky about it in Gears 4 as the Heavy was clearly the meta for awhile till it became the Sniper class. JD being the meta brought clarity, and it has been humorous to watch the gamers react to this clarity as opposed to the bland ambiguity of the Gears 4 meta and everybody buying a sniper strike or a hammer strike that involved no aiming and no skill and very little situation awareness whatsoever.

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