OP4 achievements are a joke - 100k kills, 50k assists, reup 40? Time to uninstall

Not creative, its a repetitive grind that adds no value to the game. The only thing you did was push people that looked forward to your update away. Achievements should be something fun/challenging to do, not playing versus for 3-4 years in a row hoping to get kills. Gears 1 had seriously at 10k kills and it took people years to get that.

I dont care if this is your best update yet gameplay wise, you couldnt pay me enough to be interested in this trash.


If you need achievements to validate your gaming experience, then this is a pretty sad state for the gaming community to be in nowadays. Whatever happened to playing games to enjoy it, instead of chasing ever-increasing numbers?


Would have liked these achievements for horde,but I play to relax/have fun on the battlefield,sadly horde as a few achievements


First person I’ve ever seen leave a game because an achievement was too hard for them to get.


There is nothing “hard” about these. Nobody is going to play this game for 3-4 years to complete everything when TC doesnt have a clue what the customer wants and there are so many other well polished games out.

I got every achievement in Gears 4, at least that was somewhat enjoyable. They are just throwing a kill number at you and waving you along.After 200 hours in the game I am only 5% of the way to some of these. Its rediculous.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but I really don’t think you can speak for the community when it comes to this update. You’re acting as if everyone was just waiting for the new achievements, not quality of life improvements, major gameplay changes or content.

While I do agree some of these achievements are absolutely ridiculous (reup most notably), they aren’t going to push masses of people away.


How many of these threads do we need?:roll_eyes:


I’d hate to see OP buy a Nintendo Switch


I like them it reminds me of trying to get Seriously 2.0 in Gears of War 2. I like these as your always progressing towards them every time you play and i think people are blowing these achievements out of proportion. Their not going anywhere and you can get them whenever, there’s enough achievements that take skill to get, it’s good to have a mix of both.

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I guarantee nobody in this thread ever gets 100k versus kills.


I bet i get it before the end of this year as i don’t imagine i’m too far off now.

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How many are you right now? Look in your stats. on your achievement tab.

Try telling that to those whom are on True Achievements.


It says 0% right now, but i unlocked the achievement for 25k kills. I’ll check again soon and see i think their a bit messed up right now.

But as i mention above i think people are blowing them out of proportion, 100k kills isn’t that much if you play a reasonable amount.

I’m on True Achievements as well and go for achievements, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Gaming is, and always will be about the love for the game.


For sure is. I’m there too and I do love getting achievements but when I picked up my PS4, I told myself to play the game and not get their trophies. Trying to go back to my roots.

Achievements should be fun and allow your to explore the game to the fullest. I am pretty sure in versus, the 1000th and 100000th kill feel the same.


the only reason I even clicked on this post was to say this. If you don’t like the achievements that’s fine, but if you’re uninstalling BECAUSE of the achievements, then there’s a larger problem to address.


I completed the base game in March, that is including the crazy BFFs grind there was required.

These updates are meant to keep players coming back.

Beat a map on master… cool
leveling up a character… not bad, probably fun.
Getting 20x more kills than i have after 200 hours in the game? … 100k wouldnt be bad if it included horde, and campaign and everything else… were talking about strictly forced versus

Did u you know at reup 31 is 19000 xp per level?

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The most hilarious post ever!! I stopped caring about gamerscore in 2007

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