Op3 rewards release

Does anyone know when the op3 rewards will be released?

I finished the op in masters in tdm & 2v2. D2 for koth.


Not sure. I want my Master skins as well. I didn’t see anything about it on Twitter, which is usually where they mention this stuff.


I also have the same problem, I reached the rank of master on KOTH on Monday but still nothing, and I have already opened a ticket, do you think they will give it to us?

Same. This is the second Operation in a row where they just haven’t mentioned how/when end of Season Rewards are going out.

Granted, last time it was because there was a glitch in the rollout. This time they just haven’t said anything at all.

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I didn’t get any notification I’d been given the rewards but I have them all in my weapon skins.

It’s the Master Overkill, Lancer GL and Snub Pistol for Operation 3 rewards if anyone is wondering.


Did you get those during the Season? Because this time they gave them all out during the Season, but I expected they would give them all out again at the end of the Operation, like usual.

I got the Overkill a month into the season and the Lancer Gl two months in. I didn’t have the Snub the day before Operation 4 released but it showed up the day after. I didn’t get any notification for the Snub Pistol though, I just found it because I had a hunch that was going to be the other skin they rewarded so I checked.


Interesting. I got the Overkill and Snub during the season but am somehow missing the GL lol. Go figure. Anyways thanks for clearing that up, we shall see.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ll have to go check to see if mine is there.

Just reporting that I logged in this morning and my Masters skins were there. Including my missing Lancer GL. Also didn’t receive a notification, they were just there.

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Checked, I don’t have mine yet?

RIP. Maybe they’re doing a slow rollout then so they don’t overload the servers like they did last Season. Hopefully you get them soon.

Actually have them now… snub, GL and overkill.
Shame it’s not a shotgun, lancer or snipe ha

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Same for me as well :grin:

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For any operations rewards, give about a week to 2 weeks for rewards to show up if they have not.

If anyone here is still missing their Op3 Rewards, please put a ticket in that has somewhere in it that exact phrase - ‘Op3 Rewards’ - along with any screenshots you may have that show where you got to in Ranked, and/or information about that.

Thanks y’all!

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