OP3 Locust/swarm characters

Who do you think the next 2 locust/swarm characters will be? I’m thinking since they’re bringing two OG characters back in, that they’re also gonna bring in Queen Myrrah since her model is in the campaign. I haven’t replayed the original trilogy in a while, I’ve finished Judgment recently though. I just hope whoever it is it’s not the locust model with goggles.

The Theron Gaurd is almost certain. Apparently some people have been spawning into some public social games as the Theron Guard in some games.

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That’s good, maybe guard with the queen. Do you have any screenshots of people spawning in as Thereon?


I am guessing Theron and Skorge.

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Locust sniper is more likely

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Hard to tell if that would be it’s own character or a skin.

I think it could be its own character. In Arcade, there’s,

Swarm Drone + Elite Drone
Swarm Sniper + Elite Sniper
Swarm Grenadier + Elite Grenadier
Swarm Hunter + Elite Hunter
Locust Drone + Bolter + Cyclops

There could be,

Locust Grenadier + Grenadier Elite + Flame Grenadier
Locust Hunter + Hunter Elite
Locust Sniper

I dunno… aesthetically the Swarm look quite different to each other. With the Locust, they tend to be based on the same couple of templates and the Sniper is basically the Drone with goggles.

Having said that there is a distinct shortage of Locust/Swarm compared to Human/COG characters. I can see the Sniper being just a variant skin (same as Beast Rider and the Miner).

Probably Theron and Myrrah, but I’m really hoping for the Grenadier.

… not looking forward to the Grenadier Elite being 500 iron though :confused:

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They also so far have also gotten three characters per Operation(not counting 1 since it was the game’s launch and RAAM’s base model was just added as an unlock for everyone or free character for anyone who had the Gilded version from Road to Gears 5 later on). I suspect this will be a trend that remains kept up as they only require Arcade abilities before they can be brought into the game.

It could be Operation unlock if not Store-only.

Don’t forget a potential Ronin skin for Kantus

Locust grenadier and I’m hoping myrrah but it would probably be another comic book villain

From the looks of it TC is gonna charge for fan favorites like they are doing now with the Bolter, Cyclops, and Mechanic Baird. But we’ll just have to wait and see

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The game is not good enough yet to be graced with the presence of the Queen.

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Given the OP, I came in here expecting a fair amount of gibberish and confusion