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Op3 -how they getting away with this

Seriously I’m all for new content but ,
Operation 3 is a rehash of a rehash of content we’ve gotten over the years. How are you getting away with this I do not know . The community need to voice that this is not acceptable.

Giving us Same characters / skins that was drip feeded to us during gears 4 cycle now being drip fed again to us in gears 5 , claiming it’s new content when it’s not.

Giving us the same maps we’ve played since gears 1 came out .

Promoting characters as if we’re playing that overwatch game , with stupid powers etc . Yet those characters should of been in the game from release . ( Cole and Clayton even paduk too)
I’ve never felt so ashamed how you’ve promoted gears , it use to be a gritty , in your face , jumped up hard men stomping on peoples heads and blood splatters everywhere .
But now it’s look at me I’ve got superpowers I can set on fire and run through people and I’m bullet immune . Come on guys sort yourselfs out.

But guess what guys we get a new map though it’s taken them 6 to 7 months to get the new map total to 9 maps yippee.
Wow a new game mode , it will be dead within a week or two , people love playing king of the hill a fast paced game mode . People that play king won’t enjoy that mode as it’s a 1 life round game mode which is boring as everyone camps up all the time .

What I’m getting at here people we want new content !
New character skins , new weapon skins that are good .
New maps , new maps , and you guess it new maps

And no crappy banners and bloodysprays and marks


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