OP2 final reward should be high quality like the Team Rock Skins please

The current reward for maxing out the General rank is very nice and worth the effort in my opinion. The Team Rock skin set is awesome and is one of my favorite skin sets in the game so far.

While I am very pleased with Gears 5 overall and hope to see it improve over time and add new content, one of the things that disappointed me are the Re-up rewards. So I just wanted to say that for the Operation 2 final reward, please have something just as good, if not better(well I realize that could be subjective depending on people’s tastes) than the Team Rock skin pack from OP1.

Basically I’m trying to say that you did that part well, please do an encore for OP2. Thanks!


I agree

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I disagree. I think the Team Rock is really ugly and I finished ToD in the beginning of October and I’ve never used it.

What’s even worse is the difference in quality. Everything that is remotely decent is locked behind a paywall. Just look at a random example in the store this week: the Windflare Gnasher. It may not be your taste, like Team Rock isn’t mine, but it’s - the premium content skins - incomparable to the low tier quality skins you can earn for free.

And this is what actually bugs me the most: it’s clear as day we get the scraps. It’s insulting and one of the main reasons I am not a fan of TC. “Yes, but Microsoft”. Did they point a gun in Rod’s face? Well, we don’t know anything for sure but I’ll go with doubt this time.

And if anyone from TC is lurking the forums and stumbled across this thread: Please stop treating us like idiots. Weapon balance and etc. may be one, temporary nuisance but this is an actual insult to our intelligence and will push many away for good. Remember that.


I agree with you OP. Really like the team rock skins. I just hope that they add more worthwhile rewards into OP2 rather than just making the last reward good and the rest fodder for the most part.