Op2 All Fathers Package Deal 19.99 (Whats not to love)

This is a no brainer buy so who in?
4 New Chars
Complete weapon skin set
30 days of boost
Plus 1000 iron.

This is so good it doesn’t seem real.


Yeah, the Eclipse weapon skins by themselves are almost worth $20 imo lol. Everything else is just pure bonus.


Oh yeah throwing money at the screen for this one that’s for sure

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This a limited-time thing or what?

For 82 days, it says. I imagine this bundle will be available until Op3.

I think it good for another 82 days,so don’t waste time just get before it’s to late.

Hello procrastination my old friend

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Ah, didn’t see that cause the store was broke for a second.

I admit the weapon skin itself looks sick af.


I haven’t seen it. Who are the characters?

Of course the best looking skins are behind a ■■■■■■■ paywall…smdh


It’s almost like a smart business move :open_mouth:

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You can earn the Eclipse weapon skins?

You can’t, as far as I know…

$ Only.

Yea, it’s weird. In the last game you got great looking weapon skins all the time, essentially for free, if you played the game regularly. Now, they’ve starved the community so badly that people are tripping over themselves to give TC an extra $20.
Truly crazy to see how much this has all changed.


Yeah, no thanks. The reason we lost more than half the population for this game is all these problems, and the first thing ppl do when operation 2 drops is to drop a fat stack of cash on cosmetics.


To be fair I was gonna buy Boost anyways, as I want to be done with the ToD grind as soon as possible. So I was already prepared to have to drop $20 on 30 days of Boost (now 100 days, but besides the point).

So now for that same $20 I get some of the best weapon skins TC have probably ever made, don’t have to grind totems, enough Boost to get me to General, and $10 worth of Iron to spend on whatever Legendary character skin I want one day.

I do miss Gears 4 though, it was nice getting 95% of the content for free, by just playing the game.


To avoid 100’s of hours of game modes i don’t want to play,i’ll gladly spend 19.99 just avoid all that unplesant work.

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I mean, it was what? $5 per character to unlock when you elected not to earn them through gameplay? So, four of them, $12 of boost, $10 of Iron and a full skin set.

Are they trying to make up for the super high launch prices of store stuff? Between this at the twin drops of Lt. Chutani and DBi Jack, they seem to be pricing a bit fairer.

TC giving us all the christmas discount,don’t be angry just buy before they relize what hey done and change there mind.