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OP Lancer is ruining Gears

The Lancer is entirely over powered and needs to be nerfed a little. It’s turning Gears into a lancer-fest and negates all the fun gnasher battles. 3 or 4 hits of lancer and you’re down? Please, fix this non sense. It is ruining the Gears game all of us love.


The lancer is ruining the multiplayer tremendously for me, it is way to OP and needs to be nerfed down to gears 4 lancer.


I played a match today and the person outright refused to use anything but the lancer. I mean it’s my favorite gun in the series and it is the Iconic gun in Gears, but it should not be the go to mp gun. I know there are people saying it’s a great change, but it will kill the online player base. I am still hopeful they’ll make a change soon, but if they don’t the online will becomes as barren as Judgment did.

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I actually think players need more health.
To me all guns seem op.

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Every match has becoming nothing but Lancers. It’s really frustrating. The only way I see to combat it is the Boltok which I think is also VERY strong currently.

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Very true !! Coalition needs to Nerfy Derfy the Rifles in G5!

100% agree

It’s not just the damage, it’s the clip size, bloom and damage at range.

The whole game is noobified in many, many ways.

I actually love that is way more viable now, but I agree, should get a bit nerfed…maybe not the damage but the time it takes to aim would be a better balance, so it is still a fast game but you have to aim more and are more time exposed

90 percent of all kills in my matches are shotgun related. Ppl saying it’s “only lancers” are embellishing

With that said all the weapons are strong, I think more health is needed

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Agreed. People use gnasher about 65-80% of the time. Lancer used really only when:
Holding a area
Push said held area
Support fire
That’s from what seen anyways

lol you’ve literally named the entire purpose of the game, All three of those you listed are used consistently throughout the game.

I know lol, but ya lol