Op 8 Turret bring it to the Fabri

Please bring Back the Turret to the Fabrikator


The game is fine without the turret and the mechanic would have to lose there “Shredder” cards if they brought it back

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I hate turrets and hated using them. It made Horde in Gears 4 so boring. Much better without them. I’d like to see them get rid of decoys too.

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No! It’s too powerful, which is why it was removed in the first place.

@WarmJewel54743 Powerful? The original was but it was heavily nerfed with Rise of the Horde which put it in a very good place, would like to see it back.

I’m really curious as to why. I’m playing a lot of engi lately and decoys have a made a massive difference when all my team does is go down all the time. It’s not like they shoot back or are invulnerable (health perk to the max is awesome but they can still be destroyed).

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They do have player collision like the sentries, so you can’t go through them like you can with barriers, but they’re better than power taps getting eaten

The collision is to be expected, I see no reason why you could go through them like they’re not even there. They were like this in G4.

I completely agree with you here, in G4 they had a specific health card for decoys but in G5 they do just fine once you upgrade the fortification health perk to at least lv6, and once you reach 10 it is easier to build a new one than to fix a heavily damaged one because of all the health they have. Decoys with no health perk are a waste of power.

Only if they give us more space to add ‘No Turrets’ to the lobby title.

We will never see the turret in Gears 5 because it would just undermine Del’s new turret ULT.

Why stop there? Let’s remove Barriers and Sentries, in fact why not just remove the fabricator?
Not enough for you? Let’s remove Horde entirely!


It would be great if when going to repair, it tells you the cost to repair so you know if its worth it to repair or just buy another

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My my, I never thought of that. Would be awesome if we had it.

It could have low damage and the damage gets higher when you level it similar to other fabrications, and at max level it equals the mechanic turret

My thinking is, I feel like the players should be the target at all times. While decoys can be destroyed they distract from you being the target. Having a lot of decoys deployed relieves pressure, which is the thing I like about Horde: The relentless push. I like the idea that the horde is trying to overrun you and things like decoys take away from that. That’s just my take though. I’m sure there are plenty who would disagree.

So, in summation, If it were up to me I’d limit autosentries, to some maximum number deployed at any given time. Not sure what that number is though.

I’d get rid of decoys altogether.

I wouldn’t make any changes to barriers.

Continue with no turret option in the fabricator.

Just decoys. lol.

Barriers and sentries are fine, though I’d limit sentries somewhat.

Hmm, I like playing with no sentries at all (unless there is a lane no one is covering), so if you take decoys out I’ll be left with nothing but barriers.

Only way barrier only works is a competent stack, no way you can do that with randoms.

I get the vibe you don’t play much as an engineer, I see no way a decoy isn’t a win - win for the team. To each his own I guess.

I don’t play Engineer on G5. I played a bit on G4 and it was my least favorite class to run. Obviously it’s a big job and big responsibility setting up and maintaining all of the equipment during a horde match. And props to all the engineers out there who do it , and do it well. I just didnt like being mostly a maintenance guy while everyone else was running around with guns blazing. I like being more in the mix.

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Probably unlikely given that it is literally the Mechanic’s Ultimate.

Plus, the Turret was nerfed into the ground post-launch of Gears 4, it was pretty much the meta at launch, then at the end of the game’s life cycle no one used it. Also, if you didn’t bring the Turret Cost card in with you, good luck affording it, they bumped up the price massively at the end of the game’s life cycle.

And let’s be fair, it isn’t a particularly exciting way to play the game.

I wouldn’t be completely against them putting it back in, but with them putting it as an ultimate for the Mechanic, I really doubt it will happen.

I think i’d prefer to have some new additions to the Fabricator if anything. How about the ability to buy hammer of dawn strikes like Gears 4 or even Mortar strikes?

Being able to buy DR’1s and Deebees to be able to hold/distract enemies would be fun as well. Above all how about a whole new thing that can be added? Healing turret/tower or maybe shield tower/turrets where it can provide stim to the team?

i Know we have class abilitys but what about when the lobby doesn’t have a game with that class present would open up more strats and be new, just my two cents.