OP 8 pretty much broke every Escape hive

For those who wondered why certain spawns just didn’t appear, that seems to be the case for pretty much every hive. Pretty much EVERY hive has some broken thing somewhere related to enemies not spawning. So for those who struggle, now is probably your best chance to complete them all at ease.

To name a few I encountered:

Lethal Engagements - no spawns at LZ (also no Stump)
Melee Brawl - no spawns at bridge and LZ
The Barracks - no Juvie spawn around the bridge
Plenty more that I can’t even remember anymore…


The Detour - The last room in Act 2(very first safe room from act 1) didn’t have all the enemies. Alot of Elite Drones and the Scions were missing. Closing the helipad also didn’t spawn anymore enemies.

The End- for some reason the extra scions that spawn on the helipad didn’t move past the middle room like theyre supposed to. They just stood still in that room.

Hmm… I’m not sure whether to hope this was an unintended error from fiddling about with some lines of code (in which case it was caused by incompetence); or intentional in order to make Escape easier for achievement hunters (in which case it’s very underhand as there’s been no mention of this in the TWIG blogposts etc).


Either way, I’m annoyed.

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I think they just messed something up that has to do with enemies being triggered to spawn. Like hitting a switch/closing doors/walking into a new room and those things spawning enemies just doesn’t work anymore.

As far as I can tell from playing them, these hives appear to work as intended :

The Warren - no spawns or Juvies are missing anywhere, pretty much everything appears as it should
The Onslaught - also had every single spawn appear, not that it matters much as people just rush act 2
The Hive - also has every available spawn
The Mist - act 1 with Dropshot Scions had everything available, act 2 with the Matriarch as well
The Line - no missing Scions anywhere

Ones that I played and didn’t work 100% :

The Choke - act 1 has the first set of spawns that appear if you go to the side paths missing, every other spawn including the Scions and Bastions outside the supply rooms works, act 2 works as it should
The Link - act 1 works as intended, act 2 has no end spawn and flushers are missing in the final room, the Dropshot spawn also doesn’t have any Wardens at all
The Trap - spawns appear to be in order, but the door in front of the supply room in act 1 where the two Stumps are has been removed completely after TC fixed it

I might have forgotten some out of those that I played, but this is what I have right now.

Well, some enemies still spawn and others don’t. Enemies spawn as you go along. If you use X-Ray you wouldn’t see enemies too far into the distance. They spawn after something happens - either a switch is activated, or you pass a certain threshold.

Also just to add, regarding The Mist, the two Scions that normally appear in act 1, 2nd encounter (either Cryo or Dropshots), definitely aren’t there.

Just to add re: The Mist, 2nd encounter - there’s actually no enemies there at all. Normally there’s a small assortment of Drones, Grenadiers etc in addition to the Scions.

I only had the Dropshot spawn on this hive when I played it in act 1, but there was Scions in every encounter after the first fight at the beginning. So what gives? I doubt I’m suddenly playing a different game than everybody else.

Haha! Classic TC logic! Door is broken, let’s not fix it, but just kick the bloody thing off the hinges and chuck it in the bin!

I’ve definitely noticed on The Link in a couple of places - the last encounter with either 2 ice scions or 2 dropshot scions is missing the poppers/leeches and the helipad door lever doesn’t trigger the Warden/poppers or Warden/leeches.

Also on The Gatekeepers, the filler enemies in the first two encounters (before the safe room) do not spawn when you walk past the door threshold anymore.

I hope they can fix this but not sure they have the bodies to throw at Gears 5 anymore. I love Escape, please fix TC!

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The Warden in act 2 (before the helipad) doesn’t always spawn. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

In the big turbine room before the helipad, I definitely came across two Scions. It seemed to contain the normal number of Drones too.

That’s funny, I’ve always had the ending Warden spawn until this week. In the room before I had the 2 scions, I just didn’t have the leeches or poppers that accompany them like normal.

There’s normally two Wardens I think. One usually around midway through act 2 - the spawn position seems to vary from memory, sometimes they appear in the engine room corridors immediately after the bit where you find the weapon lockers and two supply rooms; alternatively I’ve sometimes seen it appear in the big turbine room near the end. The second Warden appears at the very end once you close the helipad door. I have to admit, I don’t play The Link that much as I find it boring, so it may be that the first Warden has always been randomised and doesn’t always spawn!

I wonder if we’re getting a Forever situation where these enemy encounters are basically randomised, but in a less extreme fashion. I’ve always wondered how Forever’s spawns got so messed up from a coding perspective. I know nothing about coding, but I’d love to know in layman’s terms how it happened.

you’re correct, there are 2 wardens in Act 2. The spawn position of the first Warden depends on if you get an Ice Scion or Dropshot Scion immediately after the safe room. you’ll either get the first warden in the middle encounter (if you get the Ice Scion) or in the last big room with the 2 scions (if you get the Dropshot Scion). I think I may have played with you before, way back, months ago.

It depends on spawn pattern. If you get Dropshot Scions in act 2, the Warden would appear with the flusher spawn in the room before the end.

If you got the Ice Scion spawn, the Warden appears about halfway through during the second encounter once you enter the tile resembling some sort of server room with the Drones, Grenadier Elites and the occasional Elite Hunter(s) in it. (And apparently I didn’t see the other post before me that said this.)

Has reduced Sires, first Scions may not spawn, etc.

EDIT: Just seen someone else commented the same.

I noticed no difference in the Sire spawns tbh. But how many Scions usually spawn in the second fight? Vaguely remember it being 4, but it was only 2 in those times that I played Mist. The two Scions before the saferoom were always there though. And I only got the Dropshot spawn while it seems certain patterns can differ, if The Link is anything to go by.

The Surge still works as intended? Good… :grin:

Basically you get almost none at the beginning but once you reach the part near the saferoom, it feels plenty more of these Sires and Poppers are thrown at you as if the spawning timer is decreased or something.

Only the first Scion spawn is bugged.

Am I right in thinking that in The Mist, regardless of what boss you get, there is always a pair of Scions at the end who aproach from the helipad? Both times I played it, they weren’t there either.