Op 8 drop 2 trailer this Monday or Tuesday. What you expect?

Is it a new map? I thought it was just part of hivebusters DLC.

They haven’t based an MP map off of the Weilehi village as of yet. Could just be symbolic, or an unintended new map showoff.

I thought it was the single player map because I think that’s where hana originally wore that outfit although I could be wrong.

It is, hence why I said it might be symbolic(partly).

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Still banned from the Gears official Discord, actually. And I never even spoke there. :rofl:

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Yeah nothing saying it’s definitely a new map. Will no doubt find out soon.

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You got banned for leaking skins? Or using them? Sounds dumb on TC’s part either way.

Just to add, that there was an image of Commando Hoffman used in a promotional image at the start of Op 8 (I think it was used to promote one of the PVP events) which appeared on the official GOW Twitter and the TWIG blog post which I don’t think has been mentioned.

The image shows Commando Hoffman performing the Cold Blooded execution (the Boltok shot to the head one) on RAAM on Ephyra (I think). It could just be a promo image created for promo reasons, but I have a feeling this skin will appear during Drop 2.


This is the image I was referring to.

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I really hope Commando Hoff comes back. I loved that skin :pensive:

May be impact in that image?

It is Ephyra


Saying “Hivebuster Anya” in a sentence. Lol.

HB Anya was leaked in December and since December we’d been asking when it would be revealed. Every TWIG I mentioned “still waiting on HB Anya” for months. In July, the staff suddenly decided they had a zero tolerance policy that hadn’t been communicated at any point before that, and I was banned for a week for saying “Hivebuster Anya”. Came back a week later, censored “H$^@%$&@#* A&@^” in a joke saying I wasn’t allowed to talk about it anymore, and was banned for two weeks within, like, ten seconds of the post.

The problem isn’t that they want to enforce a policy of no talking about future content. The problem is that it was inconsistently enforced and never communicated. I’d been saying the words for six months lmao. A simple PM from staff would have gone a long way to avoid the situation, but they chose the wordless ban method.

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That’s ridiculous. I mentioned Hivebuster Anya a good few times and not a peep from anyone at TC but maybe because I didn’t mention her enough or as much as you lol. Having said that, can’t censor one and let the other go, but I guess that’s TC employees for ya lol.


It’s water under the bridge now. I don’t hold any personal grudge against the staff member in question. I just would’ve done their job differently if it were on my forum. I missed a few weeks of talking here, so what lol.

I just hope it doesn’t happen again in the future with the new staff. I’ve never been… like… banned before. It feels weird lmao.

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That’s fair. Just targeting one for something 1 or more people are doing is na extreme pet hate of mine lol.

Only been banned once myself, and no reason was given at all, just an automated message. If I hadn’t contacted a certain TC employee, then I imagine my unreasoned ban would have went on longer lol.

I replayed Chapter 4 of the Hivebuster Campaign today and I spent like 45 minutes looking around to see if I could find something similar in the village that looks like what is behind Hana and Anya. I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find anything that looks like that so I’m fairly certain its a new map. Which I’m stoked about. I love the aesthetic of all the Hivebuster areas so a new map set in the Weilehan Village is super sick.


It is also used as Achievement Art for winning 10 execution matches. It is on Ephyra in one of the spawns.

Drop 2 is surely going to bring Commando Hoffman to the game. Hopefully that week they bring Dom’s Commando skin to featured for those that missed it.

Wonder if we will get any info later on today?

I’m guessing that the drop 2 trailer will uploaded today. It makes more sense to drop it the day before launch.

Or maybe they dropped Drop 2 from the game!? :thinking: