Op 8 drop 2 trailer this Monday or Tuesday. What you expect?

There’s still Hivebuster Hana, Hivebuster Anya, and Heroic Lahni to add to the store. Drop 2 will probably happen after that. That’s 3 weeks of skins left, or 2 if the two Hivebusters are paired.

What, do you know who they are already?

I cant say I’ve been adamant about this as much as you have, but I’ve been waiting for commando hoffman to come back for quite some time.

Hes literally on an achievement… :pensive:

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I’d wish. I would have passed the mood of disappointment by then, as I’m already convinced I won’t be seeing the ones that I really want to see again. What I did see was an image of what is to come in Drop 2, which contained four shaded characters in the block ‘New characters’. Three of them are male, one of them female. If I remember correctly, there are going to be two maps as well. Of course, shaded as well. So we know how much comes, just not what it is going to be.

Really wish I knew where this image was. People talk about it but I missed it.

I think they’re talking about this one:

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You literally beat me by a couple of seconds :’)

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I’d consider it fairly likely for the Hivebuster skins to be out together. Unless TC only gives us like 4 weeks of drop 2.

Well, I didn’t finish the post but Twitter just updated and oh look, it’s both Hivebuster skins. No luck for Heroic Lahni fans yet.

Unless they have been leaked we don’t know which characters are coming in drop 2. Or skins being added to existing characters,

I was referring to the remain skins to be added in Drop 1.Heroic Lahni, Hivebuster Anya and Hana. We are at week 4 so 5, 6 and 7 will be those three unless TC puts two of them in a single week.

Ohhhhhhhhhh right that. So they’re generic silhouettes.

Here I thought it’d be an actual silhouette where I could try and guess who they are. Thanks for this.

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Ah apologies, I misread your post. Had a long day at work.

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For those who were betting on double Hivebuster skins: you won:

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Excuse me WHAT. These are a couple of my favorite classes to play in Horde, WTF.

He got banned over it too I believe. Ridiculous. Because of a skin. Karma came through , though. The person who banned him is no longer at TC.


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So no Trailer!?

Absolutely nothing bar what looks like a new map on the anya and Hana post.

Picture please? There is currently no Community managers so the forum is for us! :smirk:

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Excellent use of that meme.

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