Op 8 drop 2 trailer this Monday or Tuesday. What you expect?

Source? When did they say this? I just figured that all other Tactics characters have made it over and it’s on the same engine, so there would already be a character model (and voice actor).

Inb4 everyone’s tour resets by accident and we all have to start over


More bugs and more bugs that wont get acknowledge as a bug but will get treated as if its a new “feature” and then completely forgotten about.

I played my 1st versus matches this week last night as aliens is out and been busy with that, they still havent fixed the map voting where what mode is shown isnt what u get.

Good job, people at the coalition👍

What a great way to keep new players playing.


Lots of new bugs


Considering the status of the community management situation… I don’t expect any communication, trailer, or other info on Op8 Drop 2 until the day it releases.

As for the content, I’d really like to see a Jacinto or Mansion remake, but not holding out hope, since the metric TC used to use to pick maps to remake was how voting in Gears 4 went. And since neither Jacinto nor Mansion were in G4, they’re at a significant disadvantage to get brought back for G5. River is the exception to that rule, but dunno if we can get that lucky again.


I think jacinto will be one with a gears 4 port. Wouldn’t mind that at all. They really did a fantastic job on the new maps post launch.

That’d be good news for me, doing a tour means more money than doing legend ranks

I’ll believe it when I ■■■■■■■ see it.

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A fix for all the problems would be a start. Stats … the achivement trackers not stuck… the unable to join squad when you have just played a game with them… There won’t be any thing that we want …will probley be all cosmetic that you have to use iron for.

So we have three character skins to arrive in Drop 1 so unless TC puts two in the same week that will mean Drop 2 is quite short.

Damn already? I’ve only been on the game like twice since the Op started lmao

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As a player who has not touched the game for two ops
I expect disappointment

In a alternative timeline I expect G5 to live to its hype and suddenly release every character featured in the franchise with 150+ new skins that have been saved during the drip feed and perfect balancing as a final send off to G5


I dont think we are likely to expect the drop 2 trailer until Sep 6th or 7th and the actual drop content goes live on the 14th.

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You might want to check the date, or correct that typo. We’re on the second last day of August.

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Nah man, they delaying Drop 2 until 2022 since this is the last Op anyway.


Corrected… thx

It’s sad that you’ve had to wait this long for a simple skin :pensive:

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I suppose this kinda turned into an argument against leaks, didn’t it? Had I not known she was made, I wouldn’t have been holding out for…

checks the calendar

212 days??!

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Disappointment in the last four characters that are going to be released.

Four isn’t it? One female and three males.