Op 8 drop 2 trailer this Monday or Tuesday. What you expect?

So it’s time for op8 drop 2 reveal this week. What are you expecting?

A source for this statement. Nothing on twitter.



Hive buster Anya and thats it. No high hopes or fixes of things that need to be fixed just hive buster Anya and that’s it.

This is week 5 of 11 coming up, so yeah it makes sense to reveal it this week ahead of next weeks drop…

That’s what they did with drop 1 as well. Trailer was revealed Monday 7/26 and Operation 8 released Tuesday 8/3.


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Ya they have been doing the trailer on week 5 then new drop week 6 and this Tuesday is week 5.

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Expectation…Shauny have mentioned it’s as big as drop 1, but drop 2 has 4 characters and 2 maps…which is totally make sense of having 0 extra expectations.

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unless they drop Lahni,Anya and Hana this week at the same time I dont think we’re gonna get any info.

Could very well be wrong though.


Ya they do still have 3 characters left when at this point it’s usually 1 character left for the final week….hmmmm

They’ve done it before with the desert scorpio squad but I guess we’ll see.

My personal wish is a Mansion remake and a Raven Down port.

I’d be very happy with those 2 as the final maps.

We just got 2 back to back new map releases in Tomb and Ritual, both very solid maps, so I’m good with a classic remake and a classic port.

  1. Deletion of horde classes - Nomad, Brawler and Medic.
  2. Release of lame PvP event - snub/scorchers
  3. Deletion of multiplayer maps - forge, gridlock, and reclaimed.
  4. Release of new skins - sack cloth Kait, sack cloth Del.

I’m guessing some bad experiences with randoms lead to this ? Lol


Old forge is better, yes please, I’ll take newer gears 4 maps over old dead horse maps like clocktower.

I’d be very happy with those two as well.

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I’m predicting Oscar, Reyna, Sofia and Locust Rager.

The old remake map, I’m predicting Impact.

And the other map will be a brand new non-remake.

Didn’t Shauny say that the placeholder showing 3 males and one female character was accurate?

Not that it would surprise me if it was supposed to be misleading on purpose, whatever the reason. Future content is the bane of TC and I’m not understanding why they refuse to create free advertisement for their game(s).

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I’m fairly sure that TC have said things which later turned out to be untrue. Presumably to throw us off. I vaguely remember after the Booshka was spotted in a trailer (Op 3?) that they said something along the lines that we wouldn’t get any new weapons added, but then the Scorcher appeared further down the line.

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I only remember them saying no further weapons post Op 5 while they wrote off the Booshka incident as a production error from the people who make those trailers.

Reyna has no chance. They have said they are never adding her, which sucks cause I love her tactics VA