Op 8 coins missing

When operation 8 installed I was in the middle of finishing a couple challenges for coins. However, I was already done with the challenge and just finishing the game for xp when the game ended I should’ve gotten 5,300 coins and instead it gave me nothing and no XP either! It was 1-50 waves too. Wasn’t able to get heroic Baird bc I wasn’t able to get those coins

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Possibly just a visual issue, it maybe you got progress behind the scenes and it’ll catch up and you’ll see the coins, or the game update unfortunately prevented the progress from being counted at the conclusion of the match.
It 's worth getting everything you want done before an update is releasing and new Op is about to start, plenty of warning and information was given on this on the website and socials.

Yup fair enough, how often do heroic skins drop?

They’re not specific, I did expect Heroic Baird to be in the store though, so have listed that as a possible error.