OP 7 Top 1,000 scores for each competitive mode

Does anyone have a rough idea of where the cutoff threshold for the top 1,000 players in each competitive mode was at the end of the last operation?

I’m hoping to get a ballpark idea on a time estimate before deciding if it’s worth the time investment to go for the heroic obsidian skins.

I havent done competitive to know how the leaderboards are shown so this may be a dumb question…can you see what the current top 1000 cutoff is?

If you go off that score and assume that threshold keeps the same pace to the end of the season you can estimate what the end of the season cutoff will be.

Edit: If you CAN see that, we are in week 3 of 11 for the operation (so 2 weeks have passed).

Multiply the current cutoff by 5.5 to reach a good estimate of the required points. ( 5.5X because that makes 2 weeks equate up to the threshold at 11 weeks assuming the same points would be earned over the course of the season)