Op 7 requests and wishes

It’s time to address one or two issues, mainly concerning the current game state which makes engineering classes redundant and also to address inexperienced players wrecking games. Here goes.

  1. close the box . Let’s make engineering a true class like it was in 4 by limiting who can buy what.
  2. prevent perking pre wave 10. Many games are doomed by game pass players and the inexperienced because they disregard base importance.
  3. fix the taps. Sometimes you have to try all 4 tap points in order to drain the tap. Bad coding.

That’s it for now but I will no doubt add to this list. Engineering is cool, give us the chance to enjoy it in random games.


Bait. Get out of here.

More on topic:

Control in ranked and more Chrome Steels at a faster rate. One might actually happen, the other will never happen.


I mean, what’s stopping me from saving my energy until wave 11 and THEN perk up?

But seriously, not all classes like to deposit first. Some are dependant to perks, like Lahni/Blademaster, Keegan/Tactician and Clayton/Gunner.

Then you have classes like Kait /Infiltrator… Where personally I can rely on the cards resistance so I don’t really need to perk so I deposit, but I’ve seen most people with the class do perk up…


key words right there, game pass players and inexperienced, when you play in a public game you are putting yourself at risk with playing with new people. and I dont think they disregard base importance, they dont know base importance at all lmao.

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I buy an overkill and give the rest to an engineer in frenzies.

No Perking till after Wave 10

Lemme guess, you’re the type of host that demands depositing every wave from the rest of your team right?


They allowed all players to buy anything from the fab to give people more freedom in their game.

They wont go back on it.

If someone wants a locker and the engineer is favouring the demo having a locker that person can get one dont think stopping them will benefit others.

Like someone else said dont play with randoms, people will buy what they want, they may be new but the freedom is there for a reason for players to play the game how they want.

Wont happen.

What about frenzy, perk only for 2 waves :face_with_monocle:.
Plus like @Nagnirnahs said other classes rely on it. It is useful,

Sometimes spending every bit of power is not the smartest thing to do. As all built items can be destroyed and rely on repairs to keep them going, perks are permanant, actual players using power to increase their firepower is better than wasting 1000’s on power to refill sentries.

Again it is a restriction you are adding, everything they did op5 was to create freedom, restriction to perk only from a certain time is not giving people freedom.

Sounds more like you are thinking about just you and your bad experience with randomers and not the entire gears community.


They could maybe restrict everything but barriers, lockers and decoys being bought by non engineer classes. My biggest issue with being an engineer is people buying sentries and putting them in dumb positions.

I want this skin in op7, then and only then will this game be complete.


Bring back Execution/Warzone

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I disagree. The fabricator is fine. I’ve played engineer plenty and had fun whether people enjoyed their perks or not and when I’m not engineer and no one else is either then being able to make a weapons locker or barrier is great.


I like to see taps having fabricator powers at a discount depending on how many taps are open. Build the base around taps without having to drag the fabricator around

No. I never host games.

Maybe for Op7 they can add the fiend fromm wwe as blood red general and also a chrome steel undertaker. Can also add finn balors demon.
Then rename the game to gears of raw is war

True. You can save all your energy but that merely exacerbates the problem because the whole team might be dead by then because you have played your selfish role in denying the team a decent base. 9

You do realise that people can do both right? Deposit some of their money and use some for important perks?


It depends on what class I’m playing but usually I try to give half of my earnings to the engineer.

Exactly. Some classes don’t need to prioritise perks, but for some it makes a big difference.

For example any class what uses ballistic weapons and has an ammo regeneration perk would do well to get a few upgrades on that (Veteran, a rifle-build Brawler; Anchor) - once it’s upgraded enough they basically don’t need a Weapon Locker which is money saved.

Tactician’s Ammo Resupply ultimate is extremely useful and they need a few upgrades early on so they can also replenish explosive weapons.

The Blademaster’s Venom cards are redundant in Horde so can’t bleed enemies, and lack damage resistance initially and needs to get a few upgrades so they can be more effective.

On the otherhand, an execution-build Nomad doesn’t really need any of their perks. JACK doesn’t really need any of them either. Demolitions? If they’re primarily using explosives, then I would say they don’t need much early on. The ultimate cooldown is useful, but not a priority in my opinion. One or two upgrades in the first 4 waves of a Frenzy game are usually enough and by wave 4, most of the base should be established anyway.

It’s situational of course, but smart players will be able to balance the needs of the engineer, and their own needs.


I wish they would stop trying to tune weapons to try and make people happy. They are never going to fix the weapons enough to please everyone so maybe they should try fixing the connection problems instead.

Some actual content would be nice that doesn’t get boring after a week