Op 7 Ranglist hacked and Damage Omen fail

op 7 1 day old and already the best list hacked and boosted with no end. what is actually no more indication of the direction with the damage omen display.

Believe it or not the Dev team is quite aware of most if not all the bugs going on. It’s just a matter of patience now on our end, hopefully it won’t be long.

Why would TC do something about that on this point , lists has been hacked since beginning ( at least last 4 operation ) , Rank Koth list has people who have 200 ring captures per minute ect…

" Not a New thing on Gears 5 "

The whole leaderboard system is a system from a decade ago. I dislike both this and the ranking system. They both suck.

It’s not affecting gameplay. Get rid of the stupid rewards for reaching top 1000. That’s not achievable for someone who has a life outside their Xbox or pc.

Fix the simple omen. THAT actually affects the game. Fix it ASAP. Please.

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@TC_Sera @TC_Shauny Could you please use your banner-system more often?