OP 7 news has me hyped tbh

I haven’t played in a while… but after finding out that competitive is getting a huge update and we are finally getting working leaderboards (hopefully) I’m honestly excited for once about gears.

I know so much more is coming but it’s about time!


Our expectations were low but I would argue its equivalent to OP4 in terms of content/impact. They didn’t wow anybody with OP6 (6 months or so for a single map? and its a port that nobody cared about? ok…) but OP7 bringing back the fire lol.


It’s looking really really good for PvP I hate to say.

I just hope they don’t trick me again… as in loving how PvP was then stripping almost everything for 3 operations…

A movement speed buff would completely win me over.

I hope everything stays…


Having felt fed up with Gears for a while I must say that the PvE features of OP7 highly exceeded my expectations, so I also feel some hype after the announcement.


The promo buffs reignited my desire to play again, Slugger and Protector looking promising to climb up the ranks as my fav classes.

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I cared, I love Speyer! Although I never played Gears 4 so that helps! I think Tomb though is now my favourite Horde map after a few plays. I think it has almost everything I like in a map, Although like Nexus could do with the 3rd lane to defend. I agree expectations in general were low with the events we had in OP6 I ended up very happy with what we got.

The horde events were a lot of fun and Bunny hunt is my fav SP event.

I’m hyped for OP7 too. I was positive it would be good, but they have delivered more than I thought. Still have drop 2 as well!


I can only figure that those 3 new maps they mentioned will likely just be like when they had the frenzy event before and we got Overload, Abyss and Rail Line.

I have to say Del’s new ability was a big surprise for me. It has come up so many times and with the amount of time that has passed on it, I thought they would never do anything like this or anything at all.

The extra cards converting to coins is an about damn time lol. Another one I thought we would never see because of the way TC would basically brush it to the side every time it came up.

A brand-new map is always a must for me. I rather never before seen maps over returning popular maps. Definitely hyped for this one.

Guardian coming back to rank is a welcome change for sure for me because LONG LIVE GUARDIAN!

I am fairly hyped but while OP 7 looks good on paper it’s now time to wait and properly judge it from gameplay. They have me hyped now they need to deliver.


Yeah agreed, but when I think about it two of those maps I love to play. Rail Line is a lot of fun and with aggressive enemies I really like Overload now. It catches out so many players, I’m amazed constantly how many people mess up a speed run on overload and can’t hold a single lane on their own with a demo or tach. They get so focused trying to dominate the kills from one side to the next they get killed by a juvie or pushed back. Even when I’m holding my lane on my own with zero problems they have to get in your way and cause a wipe.

Even Abyss can be fun. If we get maps like that, I’m a happy camper.

Definitely all a pleasant surprise. My 100k Gears coins will not last long! Card upgrade time!

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The maps are alright yeah that we got before full maps would be better though but we will see. Im hoping they do SOMETHING for Escape before they shut the door on this game. Atleast add the new enemies into the hives :roll_eyes: something.

Definitely agree. Although the leaderboards will probably lower my self-esteem.


They did better than I expected. I wasn’t expecting them to bring in duplicate scrapping and a promo buff and they did both, so I can’t really argue.

Lol, i can almost guarantee you that either op 7.2 or op8 will rollback some of those buffs.

I’ve played slugger a lot, and i can tell you that slugger is a very strong class. It’s not useful against flying enemies, but it is quite atrong against ground based targets.

With the proposed changes it will be incredibly OP. Two sluggers will just wipe a game, outside of fliers…

We will enjoy it until they scale those back.

Only problem I have is I’m guessing comp is 4v4 across the board?

Guardian plays so much better 5v5 as does escalation which is being added down the line.

I spotted a few negatives like the power picking challenge increasing etc but overall yeah it seem to be WAY MUCH MORE positive for an update. Im a bit nervous to the new ranking system as i honestly loved the current one, but maybe its gonna be good?

Leaderboard : ABOUT TIME !! YESSSSSSSS hopefully it tracked all we did before
Auto duplicated card removal : Again about TIIIMMMME lol

Characters look cool, new map too, overall yeah should be fun in general.

Guardian is confirmed 5v5, not sure on other modes.


That’s all I need to know,

Guardian is life


I am so excited to get yet another PVP-only General reward. :roll_eyes:

Other modes are 4v4. Guardian makes sense for 5v5 imo, but 4v4 Control and exe 2.0 play great.

I think tdm allows full 4 stacks again starting in op7.