Op 7 horde voicelines

With the addition of the locust and lambent in horde I’ve noticed some characters just don’t have spot quotes for some of the bosses and normal enemies. Tai and Dizzy both say berserker when spotting the matriarch which I don’t mind and I know they could do the same for a lot of other characters like same While playing against the lambent though I’ve noticed that Marcus doesn’t have any kill quotes for them was really hoping for “mutate now you POS” Gears Voicelines but maybe in drop 2 things like this can get added.

They have done since they were added.
Some characters who had separate spot lines for Guardian and Sentinel in Gears 4, now only say DeeBee when spotting one (Sam, Tai and Dizzy are definitely in this group).
When Hana kills a DR-1, she just says DeeBee Dr-1, which I think should be a line for spotting them and it’s bugged.

TC kinda been messing up the quotes a bit like Hoffman being Marcus and Sid’s FF voicelines being reversed

Does she still call every Leech and Reject “Swarm”? That seriously got on my nerve because TC didn’t add the proper lines for them.

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I’m pretty sure she still does and same with Hoffman

Lizzie had a funny line with the Warden that I forgot to record. Was laughing for a while after that.

Drooooooone!!! Puuuurrrfect!!!

I like Sam but it feels like she has barely half of the usual number of voice lines compared to everyone else. “Ooh, one for the album!”

Was it the drumsticks one or the “I’m so scary” one? They’re both great.

It could also have been “Look at me, I’m a Warden, I think I’m sooo great… snort Not.”.

Sam’s lack of voicelines and some of her more awful ones also make me consider how much I want to use her Hollow Storm skin regardless of how great it looks.