OP 6 wishlist and what u hope?

  • A couple of new maps
  • Bigger variation of mutators in daily horde
  • Some new horde events
  • Attend to the existing glitches
  • No more blood sprays etc.

My wishlist:

  • More COG characters, preferably Hoffman and Bernie, maybe Alex Brand?
  • Additions/reworkings made to promotional classes for Horde and Escape so they’re more usable.
  • At least two new maps, preferably three with one of them being a throwback. Perhaps a Gears 3 map, like Azura or Sandbar,
  • A return of execution-style gametypes to Ranked PvP. I miss Gridiron a lot.
  • Another good Anya skin because I’m greedy.
  • Some sort of new update to PvE modes. The daily and weekly modifiers are growing stale and I’d like more variance in what we’re doing.

I think my list is reasonable.

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HB Anya is still vaulted, so wish already granted.

I really hope we get OP4 main-menu-backgrounds back. Or at least let us customize Scorpios skin, especially now that all 3 got their CS.

Yeah but I want more.

Can’t get enough of her shovel-hands, huh?

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I like big hands and I cannot lie.


Hmm. New maps and characters. I don’t get my hopes up with these sorts of things because the only way you can go is down.

Call it a fool’s hope, or wishful thinking, but I would really like some more cards for the promo characters.

I have a feeling we won’t get many changes on the PvE side. Most classes are in a good place (with exception to the promo characters).

Although I wish TC would fix some of the old hives with the doors. The Trap and The Blight are the biggest offenders.

Trashball sure
1 new
1 of Gears 4

CGO-Oscar, Hoffman, Hannah Cole, and maybe Prescott
SWARM-Ukkon, Reyna and maybe Niles

In middle of the op 6- Sofía, Loomis and Reaper(all judgment)

Any new mod of multiplayer but Guardian in rankeds.

The tour will be the longest to date, with more character skins and maps, I hope to see Cole from Judgment, savage kantus, Big Rig Dizzy, a Tai skin and variants of V-Day.

This is what I really think they are going to put, but obviously I would like to see a return of the beast or overrun mode and more maps

More added to the gameplay. There is enough character skins in my opinion, there may be more they can add but they can always just add them to the store rather than giving loads in ops.

Did ever comment if that was intentional or not? I wouldn’t mind a fix for the Trap, but the Blight is a lot more pleasant when you don’t have to go to through the right side 90% of the time.

Afaik I’ve never seen an official comment on it. If there is I don’t know about it.

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  • More Heroic characters
  • More PvE cards for variety
  1. Thrashball Drone
  2. Sofia
  3. The OG Onyx Weapon Skins
  4. The OG Onyx Guards
  5. Thrashball Drone
  6. More maps
  7. More PvE classes
  8. Thrashball Drone
  9. Option to change the Menu music to whatever gears music we want
  10. More Judgment related skins
  11. More enemies in PvE
  12. Did I mention Thrashball Drone?
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I personally would be happy with more maps much more maps.
They probably won’t do new classes due to the fact that there is not much innovativ left they could do.

I also hope there will be more skill based achievements like Master horde without building stuff. I’m not a fan of the pvp achievements where you have to do the same thing over a million times.

Give me: Mercy Drydock Zellblock Jacinto Overpass Bulletswamp Yard Thrashball Academy Library

I want the ALL

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A ton of maps and extra custom horde options is what i hope for

  • Don’t touch PVE so no “balances” aka nerfs and that bs.

Best comment ever.


Oooh, I don’t know how I forgot this…
We need new expressions! Twerking & Pole dancing

I’m really hoping op6 succeeds in bricking this horrible game and we can finally move on from this travesty . Also, operations are the dumbest thing they could of added to this game (along with almost everything else they added to it).

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  • Suppression of the delay they added between the end of a wallbounce and the first moment you can shoot, really annoying when you are used to do something and they remove the feature.
  • Back to Operation 4 rankings in pvp, since ranks are way to loose, in pvp, most people don’t deserve to be as high as they are currently, thus, the matchmaking can’t do equitable matches, since rankes don’t reflect skills enough.