OP 6 wishlist and what u hope?

Op 6 is coming I ´d hope see a Hoffman, Adam, Sofia, Bernie, Loomis, Hunter locust; Miner, savage, Valera and Ukkon. Tell me your wishlist for this op 6:D

1- A new game mode that brings me back to the game.
2- Having the tuning reverted.
3- 5v5 back
4- New maps

I personally would prefer if they released 1 map a month than releasing 3 maps at once and then keeping us waiting another 4 months.


Sofia. Not much else I could want in bringing proper characters in.

For TC to stop withholding Lizzie’s Chrome Steel whenever it starts.

Something that makes Blademaster less reliant on the venom in Escape to do much of anything.

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New tuning…:smiley:


Just give us V-Day stuff…please. Make OP6 revolve around Gears 3, people would love it.


Revert tuning completely.

1 new map is fine as long as we revert tuning.

Revert the tuning.

Played one match since the tuning change. Game is absolutely awful. Will continue to boycott this game for however long it takes.

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1 - No nerfs
2-More Anya’s
3- No nerfs
4- Fixes for the bugs & atrocities that have been in place since launch
5-No nerfs
6- Sofia & Valeria
7-No nerfs
8-Maybe fix a few cards like Defensive tackle, Armored shot, and Intervention so that they can be useful
9-Let grenades come back once you’ve gotten the privlege - IE if you throw your last grenade you shouldn’t be screwed at the ammo can
10-Ban players who ask for nerfs
11-The boom shield in the fabricator and on wide open maps


Maybe to number 2.

Ban nerf guys yes.

Also ban arrogant escape players who think they know it all.

Next time we play I’ma ask you who you’re talking about.
I’m somewhere between good and mediocre at escape if you want to hatch a plan to limit your chances of a jerk to a maximum of 33% :laughing:

You are a great player.

We can play escape anytime.

The arrogance on the forums though makes me :face_vomiting:.

Not from you my brother.


I try and spend less time on the forums unless there’s something I can realistically learn or teach or advocate. Or unless I can troll or otherwise get laughs :laughing:
I’m kind of violating my own best practice tonight but I’m going to bed now so I’ll do better tomorrow :smiley:

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Not sure if you refer to actual arrogance or just the fact that it gets very tiring when you try to tell a random you’re playing in a specific way such as not triggering venom fans on maps that have them early but they still do it anyway, or them repeatedly not learning what they do wrong and causing failure through the same way over and over again. Tolerance for such really doesn’t hold up very long, and I usually try to be somewhat lenient. But when I see low levels, barring the issue with the Reup bug for those at 24/25 prior to the change, joining a Master lobby while the title specifies to not have low levels, it’s not really… how can I put this, appropriate, for the lack of a better word.

Though usually I don’t host anymore either, I just don’t trust they(randoms) will perform or be reasonable. As long as a player is not completely terrible and not really a detriment, I usually leave them be, but when it’s just a hopeless case…

Case in point, I ran into a Mechanic while playing with @HerrKatzchen in Horde, technically yesterday really, on Abyss, and they decided the best thing they could do right on wave 1 was to put out two Sentries and then some barriers. They then spent the rest of the match defending how Mechanic and the barrier health was such a good thing, completely missing the point that was being made, while claiming they knew what they were doing by putting Sentries where it suited them best which also blocked off a corridor I’d have used to get closer to the enemies when the other approach wasn’t clear because I was getting shot up getting closer that way as Blademaster. I was surprised they didn’t get kicked out because they were clueless despite claiming to know what they’re doing, and missing a point that was being made.

So it doesn’t surprise me some of us get a bit upset about randoms. I’d consider some of it simply as venting because good lord there’s some hopeless cases out there.

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No doubt.

Ran across hopeless cases myself

Yet I hold @Scoops_4 thread about daily modifiers as my witness.

Play with a team or play with randoms.

Don’t expect one thing from the other one.

I’ve wiped on wave one, and I’ve made this game look like a walk in the park.

Sometimes mistakes were made. Sometimes experienced forum members should help or back out.

Most people I’ve run into just need communication and guidance.

What we don’t need is to constantly belittle players that need more experience.


Servers that work, region lock, and a minimum internet speed requirement to play ranked a.k.a. another way to eliminate lag advantage.

None of those will happen, but it’s what I hope for.

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Seems fair, but personally I don’t really like it when people don’t read thread titles(I personally do), or don’t listen, whether it is on purpose or because their text chat is off.

Probably shouldn’t take the subject off its original intent though.

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I’ve seen V-Day rumors in a few pockets of the internet. Is there any validity to this or is it just a wishlist?

Because we already got V-Day Sam and Anya, plus Farmer Dom and the Lambent. Sure, there’s still more we can bring in-- Bernie, Jace, Griffin, etc.-- but I feel like a big “Gears 3” themed Operation would’ve definitely saved the Lambent.


Then make it about Gears 3 but drip in some Pendulum Wars stuff. The fans would love both. Easy peasy.

Yeah but my question was whether there was any validity to this or if it was just a wishlist.

I’m guessing wishlist lol.

Oh I’m dumb lol

It’s not confirmed, just a wishlist thing.

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