Op 5 versus Feedback

First of all, I really like 4v4. 5v5 has its charm but at higher levels Koth often turned out 70 or so % crossing when teams were playing together. In 4v4 though, I find myself both crossing and pushing more equally because there are more chances and options at making pushes.
I already preferred 4v4 over 5v5 when it was being tested in the dev playlist and am personally glad it has now been made the standard for ranked.

I also like the maps. Both new ones and remakes (they could’ve done more with Gridlock and Clocktower though). However, spawns seem to be an issue on River. In koth they swap way too often and players constantly respawn behind enemies in team fights (especially while the boomshot ring is active). So I hope TC will be looking into that asap.

The changes to ranking system were definitely positive too. And seeing new and old characters introduced is always nice. I’m still missing that Locust sniper though… :frowning:

All in all, I think this was a very good update. The only major problem I have is that spawn issue I mentioned, so I hope that gets fixed soon.

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4v4 is Horrible.
This idea that it plays “better” is based on nothing than desiring the gameplay to be solely determined by Gnasher Battles.
All this did was make it a ONE WEAPON GAME. Which is all the lovers of the old school feel want.
Many of the other changes are really good but weakening the lancers and slowing down the speed and reducing the teams just turned this right back into a gnasher fest.
It is ridiculous.
No other game revolves around one playstyle and weapon like this.
This is why this franchise is in the shape it is in.
It is not more skill based.
It is just NOSTALGIA.
Rifles can not be supporting weapons. They are killing weapons. If the cross is such an issue that is a problem of MAP DESIGN and lack of modern game mechanics.
I respect your opinion but this is going to make this game so broken feeling.
The weapon change speed is horrendous.
The lancer being weaker just made the Snub Pistol the primary rifle lol.
This is laughable.
This is BAD.


As an addict who plays every day I don’t like 4v4.

Feels even slower, as in slower to cap points.

Sometimes it’s so slow that the servers just time out.

& I know for a fact they do for that reason.

My games dissolve if they go past 45-50 minutes leaving me empty handed & deranked.

Not sure if TC is aware of this but I don’t bother telling them as I don’t think they care.

The way I see it. If a match takes that long someone’s farming so it dissolves mid match. I’d assume that’s the logic behind it at least.

4v4 is good if you’re not serious & want to chill , I guess.

But in sweat battles, for me, it drips… no one can completely dominate & it takes even longer than ever…

We’ll see though…

Just my thoughts…