OP 5 Movement Main thread

Hi all,

I am seeing a lot of specific posts/threads on movement so will try to collate them here

I feel like a snail

The end

It’s either a mistake or they’ve snaked us out by implementing this dev playlist from the get go

They messed the game up it feels so slow moe wtf



Yeah I agree man they absolutely nerfed the shotgun, made the movement slow, and the hit boxes are weird as hell.


I agree…
Too slow, (and still Fing laggy for the love of) just Played KOTH 4v4, don’t like it one bit. Back to Gears 3 and 4 tomorrow. Oh well!

Oh and had a quitter or maybe they lost connection?


Kinda liked Op4 movement, however personally this is a nice change. I’m down for it.

Feels real good and the maps are ace but they’ve definitely snuck in the slower weapon swap and slower roadie run into the core game, I didn’t think that was the plan as of yet if at all?


Honestly there’s a lot. It feels like theres quite a bit they didn’t even cover. Like for example the Talon Pistol feels like a entirely new weapon. It’s actually fun to use now. You just gotta try it for yourself.

Yes I definitely noticed this too although I don’t mind it. Sorta goes with the Gears 2 theme lol.

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Movement ain’t for me real slow and sluggish and it’s a bit wrong throwing it in when they stated it would only be on the dev playlist?

I’ll still deeply enjoy the game and no doubt get used to it if it’s here to stay


Same for me, everything feels slow as hell


Big time caters for the newbies with zero movement to me

Great update, my only complaints are the lack of skins and the SLOOOOOOOOW movement.
They’ll never learn, uh?

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A lot of the OGs prefer it though. They’re trying to find the right balance. But I do agree I think this got in there by accident and was only supposed to be in the dev playlist for now.

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Dev playlist movement is terrible. Don’t want it to go out but i’m sure it will. I’m completely ok with current movement in social. It’s fluid, responsive, not very fast and not slow, just in right spot.
I’m using 23 sensitivity right now, i’m ok with it, but in dev playlist something is off everytime, like i need higher.
And one more thing. There are no gnasher tuning changes for dev playlist am i right? So why gnasher feels different?
PS. Where is dev playlist official thread?


Yeah. I agree with some of the comments about it being slow… Plus I’ve played 10 games straight on river which is annoying. May take some time to get used to slower gameplay. Maps and menus are great though :ok_hand:

Yeah maps are great, but i i’m still not sure about 4v4. Some maps feels good with 4v4, another feels terrible like nothing is going on around and you trying to find any action again and again.
I think 4v4 koh is ok, tdm need 5v5 especially now when they trying to make game even slower.

I think this is subject to change based on feedback. A lot of ppl like 4 v 4 too.

This isn’t set in stone. Personally I had no issues with 5 v 5

I agree with everything, but the movement changes totally ruin it for me.

It’s like they’ve baked a 3 tier golden cake but made the centre filling horse faeces.

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Totally slow movement and weapon swap is crazy slow, oh come on, change it back or faster