OP 5 is great...BUT

I gotta say, good job TC. The fanbase has been screaming from the mountain tops for new characters & maps.
And you delivered.

Loving the new maps…obviously fan favs of River/Gridlock/Clocktower are great and the addition of the two new maps of Nexus & Regency are awesome and full of the Gears feel.

BUT my only complaint is and has been over the Beverly months is this squad limit. I still and will never understand why TC limits their fans to being able to play with their friends. Gears always has been " Brothers to the End"…but with the squad limit to 2 in ranked TDM & # in KOTH is dumfounding.

Me and my group of friends are excited for the new OP but it will be short lived because we are forced to play quick play TDM where people just always leave but its the only mode we can play together because ranked is so limited which makes Ranked a joke.

Im excited to play this new OP but still annoyed because I know it’ll be short lived because this game used to be hours upon hours of playing with the boys but now since you punish the fans who play with their friends I know it’ll only be a matter of time before we reset to other games that allow friends to play together.

Rant Over

PS: Thank you for Kilo Baird… my prayers have been answered

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