Op 5 Dev Playlist feedback

Gotta admit, I hated the idea of the movement nerfs when I first read them in the blog post, but it didn’t take long for it to warm up to me after playing a few matches. While the speeds that were slowed down feel fine, the added delays are where I think it needs reworked. Here’s what I think works and what could work even better with some tweaks:

Cons - Shot delays when cancelling a slide aren’t terrible, but I don’t see the point with so many delays already in the game. Im biased with this opinion because of my wall bouncing play style, but I don’t see the improvement this brings to the game no matter which perspective I look at it from.

Shot delays when aiming out of cover make no sense in my opinion. After all, it is a cover based shooter, and I don’t see why you’re limiting people aiming out cover but there’s no delay when performing a Back A or Up A. Again, there are already enough delays in the game limiting players. Feels like the awful net code and bullet magnetism on the Gnasher are not helping matters here.

Pros - Feels like Gears 2 gameplay but extremely smooth and more meaningful. The added weight of the characters with the Rifle nerfs surprisingly bring back that classic Gears feel! While it did feel clunky at times, it was a lot funner than wall cancel and Up A spamming the whole game.

Ideas for improvement

Remove shot delay when aiming out of cover and remove or shorten wall cancel shot delay. I don’t see any reason for these to be in the game.

Slightly increase strafe speed, remove Roadie Run delay for Classic Alt / Defaulternate control scheme users (if you know you know), remove or shorten the shot delay when coming out Roadie Run (sprint to fire speed) and lastly, remove or shorten the roll delay to make up for the huge decrease in movement speed.

I feel there has to be some give and take here. Can’t just nerf movement into the ground and not slightly buff some areas to compensate. Those delays were implemented because the movement was so fast at launch they had to limit us in a lot of ways. Now that the game slowed down, let’s remove these delays so that people can go back to using all the different playstyles such as Roadie Strafing that were possible before Gears 5!

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