OP 4 Master on Hives


Looking for good advice on characters and techniques to get master on. have a goal of 100 medals and i am close. i will suffer the ranked FFA and gridiron tonight to achieve this goal but need help on escape master medal.





I see open lobbies for these but tend to not join as i am not sure what charters and cards to run. when you join no one talks and starts the game fast, so i want to preset up maybe 3 to 4 of my best characters.

also, if anyone has this done and has a good partner. I listen well and play what you need if you can carry me a little. I am a bad sniper with embar but okay with long shot. all my guys are 18 except Cole and paduck.

any constructive help is welcome.

Several of those hives have their own threads. If you search “gatekeepers escape” or something, it should pop up. There’s a fair bit of advice in there including specific details such as ideal choice of characters, how best to approach certain fights, enemy spawn combinations, weapons available etc.


Just a couple of them here:

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I wouldn’t mind joining you if able later today but I don’t know if I will be able to play today.

Cheese with Cole, grab the Longshot and headshot the DR1s until your ult is up and start running.

Fahz and Keegan/JD are a must the 3rd is up to you, I’d recommend Kait or Paduk

aka PTSD. Fahz is a must have, Rest should be Clay/Cole/Kait/Keegan/JD up to you. Keep in mind that the Torquebow counts as precision weapon for Fahz.

Fahz for destruction, Paduk to keep the Sire away + bleed for the GL to kill the boss in ch2.

Will be on for 2-3 more hours. Could carry Onslaught, Mist and Gatekeeper.

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Only advice I have is for Onslaught. Fighting your way through the first act shouldn’t be too hard with the turrets placed there but for the second part the only advice I can give is this …


Fighting the second act is pretty tough, especially with the Frag Poppers since they can just outright kill you.

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Haha, still wanna get around to doing it the “right” way eventually. I was able to clear the Split as Keegan. From what I’m reading, similar skills are required for Onslaught so technically I should be able. I’m just too chicken to try and afraid any randoms I try with will either not be good enough or be so good that they won’t have patience for me making any mistake.

For what it’s worth, the threads are a great converstion and filled with the ideas of afficianados - which you could work off of. But your still gonna have to play them, likely repeatedly to pick up on their little nuances of the encounters and the possible spawns. Then be lucky/blessed/gifted with a good enough crew.

I still have to tick off the onslaught, and the gatekeepers for the medal, and the 5k of coins. Every onslaught run has been a become a cluster at the start of act two, and the last time i was half tempted as kait to cloak, and make for the door. With the gatekeepers, it’s the final encounter about five times in row where we bite the bisquit. The slightest error, on your part, or that of a teamate and it could be dire quick. Its happened so often that i don’t get frustrated by the fail. Chaulk it up to learning and get back too it.

Happened to team up with Sparglekohl on the malfucntion master run, despite some gaffs in the early going, and losing a teamate, he was on the mark in the final act with Fahz, just money bombs everywhere, and i held down my part, and we got it done. The two of us. I.e. gifted a good/great teamate.

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Still haven’t done a split score or gotten all of my bonus cards.

Score runs on split make me want to attach wooden stakes to the front of my truck and drive 90 mph through a school zone.


I’ve kind of wanted to do a legitimate run as well. I’d be happy to join you if you’re interested.

Yeah we quit after our first decent run. I actually have a really good clip from back then. Might be able to find it.

We still don’t know how a Guardian was able to take us all out at once.

I managed top 1% and just called it good. I’m by no means a bad player, but it wasn’t worth the suffering for me.

I’d be willing to take a look if you shared it. I’m curious how you went about it.

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Oh I meant good as in “we got screwed over”.

Oh. Damn. Sorry lol. I thought you meant a video of a good run you had. My bad.

Edit: I’ll still watch it lol.

Edit 2: @HerrKatzchen What the hell was that?! Definitely bs lmao.

You have my sympathy.

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Second Act I was on my game. First act… we don’t talk about that lol.

Definitely a good game.

Weird, it was showing a frag symbol and looked like you got fragged. Maybe Clay or the third planted one at the door and forgot about it, then the guard set it off with its tri-shot as you walked out? Only reasonable explanation I can think of. On the other hand if that was the case whoever planted it would’ve immediately known what happened, so guessing that’s not the case. Well, who knows then? :confused:


I am on late night califorina time so 10pm ish PST

That is a good time since I am usually around at that time but it might be a little before I actually start playing.

I look for you later tonight