Op 3 skins that would be good for the game

!I think these skins would
Be cool for operation 3

And I don’t mean the gilded skins it just a point of reference like we need to have challenges like this more often I know that there are those trash weekly stuff but there not fun imo

And for the love of god can we get this shirtless beast

$5 each

Color Blast? No thank you


What’s wrong with color blast ?

Biker Marcus

Honestly… no.
I dislike your ideas.

If i want these, i restart Gears 4.
I like Baird, my favorite. But let others characters come.

I will prefer original and new skins.
Others characters as Paduck.
And Hivebuster Kait as example…
Or Desert Marcus… Desert Gear Soldier…
News things…

Lol, TC literally said no colour blast as well.

Ik I just wanted to see the community reaction since they hate it for no reason

It isn’t for no reason though. It’s ugly. There’s a reason.

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You know what I’d like to see instead of stupid ■■■■■■■ skins…FIXES to the numerous issues everyone is having. Just a thought.