OP 3 patch notes Question


i dont know if there is already a thread about this

there is a note " Bots will no longer backfill for players in TDM Quickplay" that means, if a player quits the game, he won’t be replaced by a bot again? that is a disadvantage

That is correct, and its to stop the other team milking bots for easy kills.


You rather have a bot than an empty space? Bots are so easy to kill… I can pistol down bots all day …

Now matcmaking will take forever, before, the game starts right away with few players and bots, now the matchmaking wll be endless

Believe it or not…some people here want the bots nerfed.

and matches will be unfair, 5 against 2 or 3 against 1

Best solution is take TDM out of quick play.

So stupid to get two TDM maps and one KOTH each time (usually). Most times I load in, players prefer KOTH. Now the total lopsidedness will move people even further from TDM.

We already have a TDM without backfill. It’s called ranked.