OP 3 GRIDIRON is not worth the time

Just a quick heads up for anyone looking to jump back into Gears 5. I didnt care for the content in the ToD (lord knows it’ll be a grind to get) but as far as gameplay goes …same ■■■■ different OP. Game is laggy as hell even tho my ping is a steady 25. Probably artificial lol. Gnasher is inconsistent as ever ranging from pointblanks doing absolutely dog ■■■■ damage or being an absolute death machine to completely missing targets but yet still getting a kill and vice versa. Gotta love bullet magnetism. Now, granted I only played OP 3 for an hour, before closing the game down and moving on to literally anything else, some would say I didnt give it enough time. My response is is that if I left OP 2 stepping in dog ■■■■ and come into OP 3 stepping into dog ■■■■ yet again, then there is no point in giving it a chance. TC got a chance when the game first released and that too was dog ■■■■. Maybe OP 4 will finally bring me back but I’ll have to wait and see.

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is tod working? patch notes say it would be available in 1 hour and half, 1 pm PDT

anyway, the new maps and characters and tod rewards look very good

No the ToD wasnt updated at the time, but I didnt hop on the game for it. I hopped on for the gameplay but it wasn’t worth the effort.