Op 3 better be game changing

I tried to play gears 5 today and i cannot explain how much i hate the game i cannot get kills with the gnasher and this is a gears 5 exclusive for me in every other gears game i have never struggled to get kills i would have a crap match here and there but in this game its me constantly trying to get kills and i just cant get them
This game is literally the worst game ever right now and if op 3 doesnt change the movement and gnasher to how i like it im done cos i cant be ■■■■■ breaking my pads and stuff

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Hold your breath…

Or don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or else what?

Idk man. The gnasher seems to be the best compared to all other games. It’s nothing like gears 4 gnasher

They are tuning versus. Hopefully that helps.


This is gonna be the same game till the end. They can’t fix simple things and they definitely can’t change core gameplay issues.

Wow i might aswell start crying now

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