Onyx or cog soldier squad for horde

Hello everyone who reads this. Would anyone like to put together a group of people who use onyx guard or COG solder skins in horde? I think it be cool to see a whole team of normal solders alongside onyx guard instaed of the cast characters. Not looking for MLG horde players but they are welcome as long as they know we aren’t taking it seriously. Id like to just play for fun. So if you use those skins it be great to see you all together on the battlefield.

rip cog commandos

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Not the point of your thread but if you ever played Beast mode in Gears 3, you could make someone (perhaps Engi) as Prescott so he’s surrounded by a team of Onyx Guards. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You beat me to the punchline. Having Prescott and 4 Onyx Guards has always been a dream group I’ve wanted to see. You could probably easily form this by making a custom lobby called “Onyx Guards Only” and when the lobby fills just turn yourself into Prescott but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

If someone does please record it. I just think it would look cool lol.

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Unless Casan was a part of it. That would ruin in. No girls allowed.

I know where im not wanted :pensive:

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It’s only those with an inhuman laugh like Casan

God I hate it ruins the Onyx Guard for me

Another epic squad would be Commando Hoffman (whenever he comes back :upside_down_face:), Commando Dom, and three COG Commandos.

C Company Bernie could also be included too if you dont want to play as any of them.

Too bad we dont have a Aspho Fields variant of Marcus.

It is such a shame we didn’t get Gears 3 or J’s version of the mighty onyx.

Dang…this feels like the " im onyx" …“no you’re not, cadet” moment…

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Jin Bot and 4 DBs (2 DR-1s 2 Shepherds)
Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Anya
Anthony, Ben, Clay, Gary, Lizzie
Barrick, Val, Tai, Minh and err Jace I mean Del
4 Marcus and 1 Bautista as Marcus
4 Bautista as Marcus 1 Marcus
The New Day and the 2 Bautista variants
Sarah, Plant hair Women, Kat, Emile, Bautista
5 Oscars

I would swap Anya for Ben Carmine tbh.

you could also do

Cole, Baird, Sam, and Clayton.


to make it also accurate, you could use Recruit Clayton, considering he was initially going to be the person you meet up with in RAAMs Shadow but they changed it to Jace (sigh).

100% This…

But Del is Jaces long lost son

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If someone do this, please record it.

Bonus points if who records the video plays as Lizzie

Wow i didnt know this many people would respond to an idea like this :joy:

5 Casans
Laugh in Casan


4 Casan play the horde and 1 Casan is hidden at the start only spamming the laugh.

After 1 wave of spamming laugh emote, the full team of Casan get a buff (the same buffs that the enemy gets after a certain amount of waves) and becomes invincible as long as one Casan keeps spamming the laugh

I would be up for this though btw as my main cog is the tactics onyx guard.

Do like the cog commandos as well, especially the heavy armoured versions.

Well if you include COG commandos then you would have 4 unique voice actors. It is pretty unfortunate that Onyx Guard’s don’t have a unique voice.