Onyx Guards in multiplayer

Where are the Onyx Guards ???

How hard is it to LISTEN to the community and add characters that ppl want?

Does anyone know if OG will be in Operation 2?

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About as hard as playing the game with the current crop of characters.


Oof. This felt good to read.

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Onyx Guards are confirmed to appear in Operation 2, which starts sometime in early December I believe.

Apparently they will be a skin variant of the COG Gear, so unless there’s any drastic changes, they will share the same Horde and Escape skill set. Also you will need to have unlocked the COG Gear to be able to equip the Onyx Guard skin.



Read the second to last paragraph - “Speaking of character skins, we know you’ve been keen to get your hands on the Gears 5 Onyx Guard. In our next Tour of Duty, coming in December with Operation 2, you can earn the Onyx Guard skin for the COG Gear. The wait is almost over Gears fans!”

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Thanks for the clarity. This still dumb as heck

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You mean how it will be considered a variant of the COG Gear character?

Yeah I guess so. My issue as I’m primarily a Horde and Escape player, is that it will mean that all COG Gear variants like the Medic, NCOG Marine etc will all fall under the same umbrella character and all have the same skillset as the current COG Gear.

I’d have prefered if each was considered an individual character and could then have a different Horde and Escape skillset built around them. I’d have liked for example, the Onyx Guard’s skillset to be more combat based, while the Medic would be more defence and support based to reflect how they probably operated in the GOW universe.


Why do I think they will do this with the Carmines as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I hope I am wrong, but I expect Anthony and Ben to be skins for Clayton or the Gear.

I doubt they’ll do this

I think they will do it like this. In escape you will have multiple ppl trying to be the Onyx Guard, and the carmines and they will run into a duplicate issue.

I totally think they will put characters they know people will buy behind the paywall. Same with classic Delta squad. They will be skins for the Gears 5 versions.

TC has said it a bunch of time already and its on the gears 5 site. Character are gonna be free. The character skins will be what they charge for. Clay will be free but maybe they’ll charge for Recruit Clay. Same with all the other characters

And yet, look at the Onyx Guard. Maybe I am just a pessimist.

I mean it is technically a variant of the COG Gear

Honestly though what I think happened was that TC probably planned on Onyx Guard to be his own thing but people are complaining about everything in this game so they figure as a sign of good will the release a character people have been asking for forever

Like I said, I hope I am wrong.

I wouldn’t be so quick to put it past The Coalition

Thats the thing. People have been asking for characters like the onyx guard, alex brand, garron paduk and michael barrick forever. TC knew this during gears 4s lifecycle and they knew it during development of gears 5, because people kept asking.

So why the hell were these characters not playable in the freakin game on DAY ONE? They had three god damn years to get this game right and bring people the characters they love and that haven’t been playable for a long time on release and expand from there on. ( I am not even mentioning the absence of classic delta characters which were probably the most used ones in gears 4, because duuh they’re awesome. I mean it’s the first main series game where I can’t play as hoffman, WTF?)

But instead they again released a lackluster, issue filled mess with a playable roster that has nearly more guest characters than actually one’s from the gears universe. Personally I am done waiting for tc to get off their ■■■ that we have to be patient and always wait for them to get sh*t done years after release.


Yup, at least 75-80% of the roster.

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Im not disagreeing you at all. Ive complained about the lack of characters and how it probably wouldnt be so bad if horde wasnt locked into character but class this way they could give us more characters.

Dude you killed them😂. I understand why they’re mad tho adding cog gear and the Dee bee instead of some of the characters from story mode or even the e3 game demo is scummy when we know they are completed.

They could… well who am I kidding, they won’t, but they could alter the role based on skin. I know that wont happen, but it could.