Onyx Guard Vermelo

Anybody else have the issue of purchasing the Onyx Guard with their 500 credits but he’s not available for use in Multiplayer??? I feel like i got robbed! Is there any solution out there?

Restart your game. I have problems equipping things when I first unlock them until I restart

It’s stupid how that’s still an issue. Thankfully I don’t experience it on pc.

I do experience the even more annoying issue of being put in the main menu when queuing for a versus match in a party though. So I can’t vote for a map, change my load out, select character etc.

Game needs so many fixes and it’s like TC are just turning a blind eye to them.

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What, where? Fixes needed? Huh? Who are you? Where am I? Broken? Dunno? New skins, look there instead! Huh? What? No! When?? We fixed it… Erm… you missed! What’s a bug? Working as intended!! Christmas! Go away…


I think you might have to unlock Cog gear first if the other solution didn’t work.


Sounds about right though you missed “back due to popular demand” :smile:

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Have you unlocked cog gear?

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