Onyx Guard’s voice

TC - how hard is it to make they onyx Guard’s voice sound like the gears 3 version? You have ruined a classic character. The voice now it HORRIBLE!!! You have to be joking with me. Waited this long for a fake voice???

What happened to “your mom’s a classy lady “ with the synthesized voice???

You guys are lazy


( I’ll just leave this here )


The redesign is also ugly af


That’s the stuff I need

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I never cared for Onyx Guard, but I have to agree.

COG Gear’s voice lines are meant for a rather typical Gear. They’re goofy and kind of over the top. They aren’t fitting for what an Onyx Guard is supposed to sound like.

I assumed this entire time that the Onyx Guard skin would get different lines, like Bautista. But I guess not. That’s dumb.


Yeah his voice in Spanish was amazing too, sounded like a badass old man, the new one sounds like a 20 year old history teacher


Probably as hard as it is to get the VA to reprise his role.

Would have preferred if they at least tried, though.

Was it someone important? And getting someone who sounds similar too. They didn’t sound like Casan in the Campaign.

No, considering they never spoke in Gears 3’s campaign.

But their MP voice was pretty cool, so I was hoping for it to come back. The Female Onyx Guard in Judgment also had a good voice.


Totally agree, they look awful now. In 3 and J they are SAF!

TC you don’t have to change everything you know!


What kind of school district are you in where the teachers are 20 years old?

I assume it’s because it’s been 20 years later and all the cog have updated armour. Like Clay’s is blue now

Yeah I much prefer G3’s voice actor by a MILE, but you can’t act surprised as the skins’ names clearly stated that they’re still Cassan and Vermello. Maybe synthesizing their voices would do the trick?

Love the vid.

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Well it was always blue? Just had been faded out before.

Looking at it, it’s got tints of blue, along with the main silver.

It’s definitely bluer than before. Looks nice.


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It’s like super bright blue now same with his helmet. If you compare him to his gears 3 and even 4 model you can see a huge difference